Monday, January 29, 2007

Dr. Pepper Plague

So BD bought me 8 Diet Dr. Ks at Kroger yesterday, cause that's how we roll. I am addicted to diet soda, but at least I buy the cheap stuff.

Only the crappy Diet Dr. K's he bought me yesterday are all flat and weird tasting and I was oh, so pissed. This is a serious addiction we have going on.

So BD went to Target this evening and got me the good stuff, Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, and can you believe that that crap was flat and weird tasting, too? I mean, it's like we live in some cosmic carbonation sucking force field or something.

I'm off to QT tomorrow morning, to get me an icy cold Diet Cherry DP, and it better kiss me on the cheek, because I have been needing it for oh, so long.

I'll keep you posted.

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E-mail to a friend

Hey, I just happened to find the flap that I tore off of my haircolor, and it's Revlon ColorSilk, and it's Dark Ash Blonde, 60, 6A.

And I keep forgetting to tell you that I saw L'oreal Preference on sale at Target in two-packs. That's what you use, right?

Also, I am coming down with the creeping crud, so will not be venturing out of the house to go to Wal-Mart today. I'm just going to lay low and drink lots of fluids, even though the Diet Dr. K that BD got at Kroger yesterday tastes like crap and I am so pissed off.

I couldn't even go to QT this morning to get a lovely fountain drink, because Miss Scooter McDifficult decided to lose her shoes, and didn't have any on when we took her sisters to school. I know I'm a mean mommy, but she is responsible for her shoes, and if they're lost, it's because she lost them. And she was just standing in her room crying, so I put the big girls in the car, and then came back and got her and took her out in 32 degree weather, without shoes or coat. She did have on socks, and the car was warm. So report me to CPS.

When we came home, I told her she couldn't watch TV until she found them, and I couldn't even find them. BD finally suggested under my bed, and so I told her to look there, and finally, she found them.

How's that for some rambling?


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Note to Tink's teacher

Hey, I just wanted to check in with you this morning about Tinkerbell's tardiness. She was a little upset about being late again today, because she said you were displeased about her being late yesterday. I can't believe I got them there late again. I explained to her that you probably weren't mad, but just, as we call it, "very serious."

(FYI, I have a chronic illness that is fairly well managed, except that sometimes I have a hard time in the mornings. Crohn's Disease, no joke. Too much information, I know, but I wanted to let you know the most common reason for her tardiness is me.)

Also, Abby kept asking me last night to call you or e-mail you so that you could wear your glasses today, too, and I tried to explain to her that we don't call teachers at home, and that you probably wouldn't get my e-mail until you were at school.

So. Hope you and my crazy, beautiful, obsessive, brilliant 5-year-old have a great day.


Monday, January 22, 2007


Praise God!

We have assumed that we needed to get a new roof ever since we found out we don't have some kind of tar paper up there that's supposed to be up there. Today we had a guy come give us an estimate, and he says our roof is fine, but he sealed up around some vents and thingamajigs and whatchamacallits, and charged us $200.00. Far cry from the $2750 that the last guy quoted us. And we even got a one-year warranty with it!

Now we can spend our tax return on energy efficiency, like we originally planned. We're getting a radiant barrier sprayed inside the roof, and additional insulation in the attic. Hopefully this will save us some money on electricity, especially in the dog days of summer (what does dog days mean, and why did I use it if I don't know?).

You know you're an old fuddy-duddy when you're excited about putting insulation in your attic!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Karaoke Geeks

Big Daddy and I were sitting in bed watching TV tonight. We finished watching a movie and were looking around at On Demand on cable. Did you know they have Karaoke On Demand? Oh, yeah, they do.

Now, up until three hours ago, we had never sung karaoke, but now we have sung half of the songs in the karaoke universe. Badly. In our bed.

Ask Poo. And Tink. And Scoot. And the dogs. Maybe even the neighbors.

Cute Scoot

Big Daddy fixed Scooter's hair, and did a beautiful job. She came in and told me, "Now I am beautiful!" I told her she was beautiful, and did just a little tune up to her 'do, with a letter opener that was sitting next to me.

She then said, "And now I am a card!"

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Scooter was doing her evening "bathroom business," and called me to come wipe her butt. She hopped down off the toilet, looked in, and said, "Look, mom, it like ice cream!" And it was. In the perfect shape of an ice cream cone.

I'm so proud.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday ~

I'm trying to get in the habit of writing more often, even if I don't feel I have anything interesting to say.

This morning was spent typing while Scooter watched Noggin. Makes me feel guilty, but I need to have her contained while I'm working.

I work part-time from home, transcribing interviews for insurance claims. It is sometimes interesting, sometimes easy, sometimes horribly difficult and sometimes just annoying. I honestly hit both ends of the emotion scale, depending on what kind of tape I'm transcribing. If my tape is easy to understand, and interesting, I Am In Heaven. Because it's just like watching a soap opera, only I'm getting paid to do it! Alternatively, if I get a tape that's of bad quality, or with a person who has annoying speech patterns, I just want to buy a plane ticket to wherever they are, and slap them in the face. Very hard.

My house is a pit, and we're having company tonight. Here's what I need to get done by 6:00 today:

  • Take a Bath (Done! yeah, me!)
  • Clean hall bath
  • Clean kitchen
  • Vacuum entire house
  • Dust Living room
  • Pick up girls at school
  • Pick up work
  • At least one load of laundry
  • Cook a desert for tonight
  • Get dinner started
  • Get some of the crap out of the black hole that used to be my work space in the corner of the living room.
So I guess I'd better get to it, huh? Later ~

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let's try this again . . .

Okay. So it's been what, three or four months since I've posted? No big deal, right?

Honestly, I haven't posted for a couple of reasons. One is that I feel like a geek compared to some of the great bloggers I read out there. Who am I trying to kid? I am not a writer. I'm hilarious in my head, but when I write it down, it just sounds like a bunch of bitching. Second reason is that I'm just a lazy ass, and can never think of anything "writable" to write.

So there.

But I'm trying this again, and if it sucks, it sucks. Nobody reads it but me and Big Daddy, anyway.

Monday, January 01, 2007

You wanna know more?

I'm a young 40-something wife and mother who at times thought I would never be either. In the early part of 1996, God brought this diamond in the rough named Big Daddy into my life, and with my eyes wide shut, I married him before that year ended. I broke every rule in "my relationship rule book," and God blessed us anyway.

It's been a rough road for us. We've survived fire, miscarriage, and other great losses. We've also been blessed far above what we ever could have hoped or imagined.

Big Daddy and I are parents to three beautiful, spirited, brilliant girls. They were born to someone else, but they're our children. We adopted them in the fall of 2005, and our life has never been the same. You can read more about our family story here.

Get to know Pooh here.
Get to know Tinkerbell here and here.
Get to know Scooter Pie here and here.

Thanks for coming to visit. I hope you take some time to look around and get to know me. I love God, I love my family, and I am not perfect.