Monday, January 29, 2007

E-mail to a friend

Hey, I just happened to find the flap that I tore off of my haircolor, and it's Revlon ColorSilk, and it's Dark Ash Blonde, 60, 6A.

And I keep forgetting to tell you that I saw L'oreal Preference on sale at Target in two-packs. That's what you use, right?

Also, I am coming down with the creeping crud, so will not be venturing out of the house to go to Wal-Mart today. I'm just going to lay low and drink lots of fluids, even though the Diet Dr. K that BD got at Kroger yesterday tastes like crap and I am so pissed off.

I couldn't even go to QT this morning to get a lovely fountain drink, because Miss Scooter McDifficult decided to lose her shoes, and didn't have any on when we took her sisters to school. I know I'm a mean mommy, but she is responsible for her shoes, and if they're lost, it's because she lost them. And she was just standing in her room crying, so I put the big girls in the car, and then came back and got her and took her out in 32 degree weather, without shoes or coat. She did have on socks, and the car was warm. So report me to CPS.

When we came home, I told her she couldn't watch TV until she found them, and I couldn't even find them. BD finally suggested under my bed, and so I told her to look there, and finally, she found them.

How's that for some rambling?


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