Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Norton PC Tuneup

Hey guys, be sure and check out the review and the giveaway over at Redneck Review.

Kristin, my very favorite Redneck Diva, participated in the Norton PC Tuneup blog tour, and three lucky readers have the opportunity to win a PC tuneup of their very own. Check it out - and good luck!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

They're at it again!

Hey, Hey, Hey!

or is it

Ho, Ho, HO!

Christmas Giveaway Gifts 240x240

It's Christmas Giveaway time again over at 5 Minutes for Mom, and all I can say is WOW. You have got to check it out, people.

My fingers are DEFINITELY crossed.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bring it on.

I have GOT to start posting more often, people! Lately I just can't seem think of anything to say beyond:

I'm losing weight.
My kids great.
My kids are insane.
I'm great.
I'm insane.

So, in the interest of knocking the cobwebs off my sweet little blob here, I'm doing what the great ones have done: I'm opening this sucker up for questions.

That's right, y'all. Send me your questions. Put 'em in the comments, e-mail me, do whatever you want. And unless it's completely inappropriate, I'll answer it.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Warning: This Post May Cause Drowsiness

Hey, good mornin'. It's 9:26 down here in Texas, and I'm about to write one of the most boring posts I've ever written.

See, one of my not-so-good character traits is that I always feel like I'm not doing enough. Now granted, sometimes it's because I haven't moved all day long, and I'm NOT doing enough. But other days, like today? I've got to give myself a good kick in the pants and say, "SELF, of course you're doing enough! Now keep up the good work!"

Unfortunately, my Bloggy Friends, you get to suffer through my pep talk this morning. Because I need ME to acknowledge that this morning I:

Got out of bed (that's absolutely the hardest part!)
Made Scooter's lunch
Got Scooter ready for school
Took Scooter to school
Went by my parents' house to pick up some nuts (not the human kind - my house is full of those)
Came home
Started a load of laundry
Got Pooh started on her school work
Took a shower
Cleaned out the medicine cabinet
Listened to Tink whine (currently her favorite sport)
Made my Meal Replacement Shake
Took my supplements
Sat down on my butt to drink my shake and write this post

Yeah, that's not so bad for 9:35, is it?

So do you think I could get away with taking the rest of the day off? Nah, better not.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got Energy?

Almost every day, when I greet friends at church or kids' school or volleyball practice, "Hey, how are you?" I hear, "Tired." "Worn out." "Run ragged."

But you know what? I'm not so tired, worn out and run ragged anymore. And it's because a few months ago, Big Daddy and I were introduced to great nutritional products and a company called Advocare.

Being overweight AND living with Crohn's Disease has REALLY robbed me of my get-up-and-go these past few years. And with kids in the equation? Coma city. But these products, y'all? Have changed my life.

Every morning when he gets up, Big Daddy mixes us both a big old cup of Rocket Fuel. It's a combo of Spark, Rehydrate and Arginine Extreme. It's OH, so much better than a cup of coffee. At least for me it is.

Spark gives me enhanced energy and mental focus, WITHOUT JITTERS. The best way I know how to describe it is this: It makes me feel THE WAY I'M SUPPOSED TO. Although I apparently still end sentences with prepositions. I really must work on that.

Rehydrate makes sure that my body stays hydrated, since I'll admit, I DO NOT drink as much water as I should. When I'm hydrated properly I sleep better at night, and a quick Rehydrate even chases away those rotten headaches I get sometimes.

Arginine Extreme enhances strength and stamina as well as helping promote a healthy respiratory system. Although stupid Crohn's Disease attacks my gastrointestinal tract, it also jacks with random things like my joints and respiratory system, so I need all the help I can get.

Friends, since I'm an AdvoCare distributor, OF COURSE I make a bit of money when someone buys products. But listen, I COULD NOT endorse this stuff if it hadn't already changed my life. I'm not a salesperson; I'm just someone who wants to get healthy and help others do the same.

There are other AdvoCare products that Big Daddy and I take, like MNS Max 3 for weight loss, ProBiotic Restore for intestinal health, Joint ProMotion and Catalyst (liposuction in a bottle!), and if you want further information about any of the products or the discounts available, just e-mail me or leave a comment.

Now since I'm about a gazillion pounds overweight, I've obviously got quite a way to go before I'm the picture of health. But Oh, Thank Heavens I've got these products to help me get there.

Without a doubt, AdvoCare Works For Me.

If I sold my blog, I could pay for Christmas!

My site is worth $1562.2.
How much is yours worth?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Dell is on my last nerve.

Y'all. I am on the phone with some jokers from Dell, and I am here to tell you, I will never buy another Dell laptop again, as long as I live.

Unless it's a really good deal on Black Friday, that is. But it better be dang cheap. And I will NEVER, EVER pay money for a warranty from Dell. That is $300 that I could have spent on something much less frustrating.

When I purchased my Spring Green Dell laptop, I was oh, so thrilled. My dad and cousin swear by Dell, and I have a Dell desktop that, while slow, has served us well.

But today? Dell Sucks.

Dell Sucks.

Dell really, really sucks.

On-Site, Next Day, Extended Warranty? Actually means that you have to talk to a person in another country, and it's oh, so hard to understand them, FOR HOURS, while they ask you questions and refuse to send someone to the house until they can figure out, IN TIMBUKTU, what the problem is.

Man, I have spent hours and hours on the phone and on chats with these Dell people. On at least 4 occasions. And they have run test after test after test after test. But until they can figure out what the problem is, they won't send a technician to my house. I can, however, send it to them FOR 7 TO 10 DAYS, and they can figure it out at "the depot."

How is that On-Site Service?

This international fellow even asked ME, the ditz in Texas, WHAT TESTS THEY HAD RUN. How the Sam Hill do I know? I clicked on the links and I entered the codes and I gave them remote access, and beyond that? Hey, I was filing my fingernails.


Okay, so I was a bit petty when he asked me to repeat my address for the 5th time. I told him it hadn't changed since the last time I gave it to him, and it hadn't changed since I purchased the laptop IN APRIL.

I'm not even making sense right now, probably, but DANG I am frustrated. And I want this out there, in the cyberwebbyverse. And if some ditzy mom like me who wants a cute Spring Green laptop is thinking of buying a Dell, she'll STOP RIGHT THERE, missy. Just go on down to Best Buy or Circuit City, or heck, even Big Lots, and buy a laptop WITH NO WARRANTY, because this dadgum warranty is useless.

Send chocolate. And Jack Daniels. And a bodyguard for the joker in Bangkok, Egypt, cause I'm fixin' to go right through this phone line and beat his sarcastic butt.

That is all.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's random or nothin', people.

Wassup, my internet peeps? Anyone still out there, hoping against hope that I'll post something, ANYTHING, of substance?

Yeah, well substance it ain't, but here's what's up down here in Texas.

Vacuum cleaner still half-broke.

High-falutin', newfangled dryer not heating. Since it was a floor model, can you say NO WARRANTY?

My house is oh, so cluttered this week. Yes, I mean more than usual. I ordinarily do a fairly good job of keeping the public areas and the girls' bedrooms straight, if not dust-free. Right now? Not so much. Maybe it has something to do with the grillion piles of laundry waiting to be washed AND DRIED.

So tired of hearing about and talking about politics. It's over, it's done with, we can't change it anytime soon, so let's pray and move on.

50 Days Until Christmas? Are you kidding me? And what, 3 weeks until Thanksgiving? EEK! I'd better get out the Amy Grant CDs.

I wanted to lose about 40 pounds between July and the holidays. My 25 pound loss ain't shabby, but I wish it were more.

And finally: I have to make stuffing for a church dinner, and I will not be attempting cornbread stuffing. That's my mom's gig. I will confess that I absolutely LOVE Stovetop Stuffing, but I'm trying to think of a way to make it jazzier for the stuffing snobs. Any suggestions?

Peace out, y'all.