Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Pioneer Woman on Food Network!

Y'all, I've been reading The Pioneer Woman's blog for over 4 years. The first thing I remember reading is the recipe for this sandwich. And I cooked it. And we loved it. Over the years I've cooked many more of Ree's recipes, and let me tell you - they are AWESOME.

I don't read as many blogs as I used to, but I never miss a Pioneer Woman post. I've read about her kids, her dogs, calf nuts, book tours and her husband's chaps. At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I feel like I know this woman.

So last fall when Ree did Showdown with Bobby Flay? You know I DVRd it. And watched a thousand times, pausing to explain to Paul who each and every person was. Paul was thrilled. Well, I was seriously thrilled, because this chick? Who I know? Sort of? Was on the TV! That's like one degree of separation, except for the minor detail that she doesn't know I exist. But still.

Now you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Ree was doing a REAL show on Food Network, just like Miss Paula Deen!

Hey, guess what? I'm about to get to my point.

The Pioneer Woman premiered (I think it was the premier) this morning! And don't you know that I watched it. And loved it.

This is not your average cooking show. I mean, I'm sure the exact recipes are on the Food Network site, but here, Ree just lives her ranch life with an emphasis on cooking. On today's episode she made Chicken Fried Steak, etc., for dinner and Breakfast Sandwiches for - you guessed it - breakfast. And there were lots of kids and dogs and cowboys and cows...y'all, I absolutely love this show.

It's a hard one to explain, so just do yourself a favor - watch it. It's scheduled for 10:30 CT Saturday mornings, but I imagine it replays throughout the week. Check Food Network for showtimes.