Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Night Blahs

Well, I went in to the weekend with high hopes, and I think I even had a good time. But here it is Sunday night again, and I'm just annoyed about all the things I didn't get done.

Saturday we ran errands and spent money. And spent some money, and then went and spent some money. It was fun while it lasted. We got some Rubbermaid tubs at Target, which make me really happy. Can't wait to fill and stack 'em. We then spent too much on DVDs, CDs and books for the girls. We never do that, so it was about time to get them some new stuff. Oh, and we got them a great play kitchen with tons of dishes at a garage sale. Now, we just have to clean it up and figure out where to put it.

Tonight we went for a drive, to check out some spots to watch fireworks tomorrow night. We're going to go watch them on the 3rd rather than the 4th, since Big Daddy has to go to work early Wednesday morning.

We had relatives in town, so we also spent more time than usual at my parents' house. Love spending time with them, but also love getting the girls back home and on "Mom and Dad" behavior, rather than "see what we can get away with at Grandaddy's" mode.

What I didn't do:
Enough laundry
Enough typing
Enough housework

You get the picture.

So, aren't you jealous about my fabulous weekend? Come on, admit it~