Monday, January 29, 2007

Dr. Pepper Plague

So BD bought me 8 Diet Dr. Ks at Kroger yesterday, cause that's how we roll. I am addicted to diet soda, but at least I buy the cheap stuff.

Only the crappy Diet Dr. K's he bought me yesterday are all flat and weird tasting and I was oh, so pissed. This is a serious addiction we have going on.

So BD went to Target this evening and got me the good stuff, Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, and can you believe that that crap was flat and weird tasting, too? I mean, it's like we live in some cosmic carbonation sucking force field or something.

I'm off to QT tomorrow morning, to get me an icy cold Diet Cherry DP, and it better kiss me on the cheek, because I have been needing it for oh, so long.

I'll keep you posted.

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