Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still kickin'!

Hey, y'all. Yes, it's been a solid week since I blobbed. See, we went out of the town for the weekend, and I was afraid to say anything, since I'm sure half of you are just dying to know when I leave so you can come steal my 32" TV and my half-broke vacuum cleaner.

I'll tell you more about my trip after I rest some more.

In the meantime here's a funny I found on YouTube.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Talkin' dirty about the economy

Hey, I try not to get all political or philosophical or controversial over here in Dirty Laundrydom, but you know what?

I am just so sick of hearing about moratoriums on foreclosures and making mortgages more affordable and affordable loans for borrowers with less-than-stellar credit, ad nauseum.

Let me tell ya why.

I live in a 1450 square foot house, because it's what I can afford.

Big Daddy is a licensed plumber who has worked in construction for most of our marriage. Sometimes he's made great money, sometimes he's made crappy money, and right now he's blessed to have a job with a great company and great benefits.

I'm a stay-at-home Mom, but in my former life I was an administrative assistant. I was blessed to make a decent wage, but it wasn't excessive.

We do this little thing in our home called budgeting. Now we're not as good as Dave Ramsey would like us to be, assigning every penny a place, but what budgeting means to us is this: We know how much money we make, and we know what our bills are, and those are our boundaries.

When BD and I got ready to buy our first house in 1998, I think we qualified for maybe $100,000. Didn't matter what we qualified for, though, cause we knew WHAT WE COULD AFFORD. We bought the cutest little duplex that cost $51,000, and we loved it.

Next house, we qualified for about $120,000, but we only spent $75,000. Cause that's what we KNEW we could pay for.

Next? We were approved for a whopping $150,000, but we bought this house for $87,000. Eight years ago next month. We have since added 3 darling daughters to our family, and we are here in this sweet house with 1450 square feet, because it is just too scary for us to take the gamble of living beyond our means.

You know what? I bet 3+ years ago, when BD had a rockin' job and I was still working and we were getting paid by the State to provide foster care, we could have qualified for and bought a big honkin' house in my dream neighborhood. But you know what? It was too big a gamble. One that we would have lost, by the way, because the foster stipend ended when we adopted, and Big Daddy lost that rockin' job, and my girls needed me at home with them more than they needed a big house or too many clothes.

Aren't I good at rambling on?

My point is this: Why in the Sam Hill are we rewarding people for making BAD FINANCIAL DECISIONS?

I'm gonna be real blunt here, okay? If I buy more house than I can afford because the realtor or whoever gets me some creative financing, I deserve to get foreclosed on if I don't make my payments.

If I have bad credit, then I need to RENT until I improve my credit. BAD CREDIT means that I don't pay my dadgum bills! Why on earth should anyone give me a loan to buy a house if I haven't paid the bills I already have?

Now I know that there are people out there who are so naive that they get screwed. I had a friend who bought a brand new little house at a reasonable price, but the salesman flat out lied to them about their taxes, and their payment went up about $500 the second year. That was $500 they couldn't afford, so they had to sell their house.

That's right, they sold their house and moved back into an apartment until they could repair their credit and buy another house. It took 2 years of sacrifice, but they did it. They didn't whine and ask for relief and demand that the government help them out. They HANDLED THEIR BUSINESS LIKE GROWN-UPS.

Okay, so can ya tell I'm passionate about this? It just irks me that I've lived within my means even though it's difficult, but people who made poor choices are being rewarded.

Am I missing something here? PLEASE tell me sweetly what you think.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Here's a quickie...

So I may have mentioned on Wednesday that I am OH so busy this week, and believe it or not, i left out some of my schedule. And since I know that you've spent countless hours wondering, "Is that all? What else might Lori be doing this week?" I'm here to let you know.

Last night Big Daddy took two of the girls and went to the sporting goods store to buy a new bike seat and volleyball gear. While he did that, I went to Kinko's, back home, Payless, Staples, Kinko's again, Target, and Jack in the Box. While he bought a bike seat and some shoes.

Not that I'm keeping score or anything.

This morning I participated in a Senior Health and Wellness Fair, came home to babysit, and at 2:00 we're going to watch Scooter5 cheer in the Homecoming Pep Rally. How cute is that?

But I'm sleepy, y'all. My eyes are really sleepy. I can't wait for 3:00, when hopefully I will be snuggled down deep in my bed with these eyes closed in blissful sleep.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh, what a week!

Hey, let me tell ya something.

I can't wait for Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa to open. Those penguins crack me up!

Okay, that's not really what I was gonna tell ya, but the commercial came on as I was typing, and seriously! I can't wait for this movie!

But anyway.

Hey, let me tell ya something, dang it. I am a homebody, my friends. I like to be here, in my home. And not so much in other places. And this week? Is all about the other places.

Monday night: Fantasy Football meeting at the sports bar/family restaurant.
Tuesday night: Pooh8 volleyball practice (fun!) and Big Daddy's softball game (lost!)
Wednesday night: Life Group
Thursday night: Shopping for new bicycle seats, cheerleading shorts and volleyball gear
Friday night: Sweet, sweet nothing, I hope.

I'm more than a little overwhelmed, because the days are just about as full as the evenings, with homeschooling, babysitting, and business stuff.

Now I realize that many of you are MUCH busier than this, but me? I need me some down time, yo. Or I get all delirious and start saying things like "Yo."

Oh hey, you know what other movie I wanna see? The one with the dog? Who thinks he's a superhero, but he only plays one on TV? It's called Zoom or Flash or somethin' like that. John Travolta is the voice of the dog, and it looks like a hilarious movie.

Okay, I looked it up - It's actually called Bolt.

In still other movie news, we saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua on Monday, and it was <what's another word for hilarious?>. Honestly, I wasn't crazy about Drew Barrymore as the voice of Chloe, but the movie? GREAT. George Lopez, Cheech Marin, Paul Rodriguez? Ridiculously funny.

So thanks for sticking it out with this rambling post. I'm off to find some medication for my adult-onset ADD.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You know what's weird?

You know what's weird?

That someone who doesn't like me reads my blog first thing every morning. Sort of gives me the willies.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wait! Don't go!

Yes, it's still me. I just can't seem to stop changing backgrounds and colors on my little ol' blob here.

What do you think?

Saturday Scramble

So yeah, it's another Saturday and I'm sittin' here chillin' with my girls. I love my hubby cause he left the house 20 minutes early to run an errand for me so I don't have to leave the house.

Rock on, Big Daddy.

I've spent the morning scanning images and trying to get some inspiration to redesign my blog and that of my VERY favorite friend, The Redneck Diva. I changed my background first and when I took a look at it I realized - I HAVEN'T POSTED IN ALMOST A WEEK! So it's time for yet more randomy goodness.

The highlights of my week?

Found a dentist here in town - and I think he's good! Now I don't have to drive 15 miles to Next Biggish Town to the dentist office I didn't like anyway.

Learned that Pooh8 is missing some canine adult teeth, so she's gonna be a snaggletooth until she's a little older, when we can get her some fake chompers. Bless her heart.

Enrolled Scooter5 in a Mini Cheerleading camp at school. She's dadgum hilarious. HEElarious.

I'm currently addicted to fajitas - thank goodness they're relatively healthy. The only problem? The lingering smell of onions that hangs in my house for 2 days afterwards.

We're listening to The Traveler's Gifton CD right now - it's PHENOMENAL. You really must check it out. If you've read it, please tell me what you thought about it!

Highlights to come?

We're planning a trip to Albuquerque soon - combining business with pleasure. Big Daddy has TONS of family there, so it should be a GREAT time. Long drive, though. Maybe I should self-medicate.

And on that note, my friends, I've got to go chop up some onions and cry my eyes out. Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - October 6

Well, I've gone and started blogging about Dancing With The Stars again. If you watch the show, come on over to the Review Blog and tell me what you think!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

What's another word for Random?

Scattered thoughts this week, my friends. Scattered thoughts. For example:

Why do they send so much crap home from Children's Church? And I feel so guilty throwing any of it away! For goodness sakes, my kids made the crafts with their own little bitty hands, and the handouts have scripture all over 'em! Yeah, I trash most of it anyway. I just add 10 minutes to my daily devotions to make up for it.
And while we're on the subject of paper and other crap, tell me - what is it that y'all do with school papers and teacher notes and birthday cards and insurance policies and electric bills and vet records and just all those pieces of paper that comes into our houses every day? Because this crap is threatening my sanity.
When you've got a whole gallon of milk, and you realize it expires tomorrow, is it wrong to feed your kids cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner? They don't mind, and I make sure to throw in some fruit to balance it out. Thoughts? Opinions? Scathing critiques?
When did people stop typing 2 spaces after the period? I still do it, but I think I'm in the minority. Y'all, it's a rule of grammar. Or typing or whatever. They can't just change it, can they?
Why is Breast Cancer so much more important than the other cancers? This is a serious question; I'm not being flippant. Is it more prevalent than, say, pancreatic or lung cancer? I mean, my goodness, everything is pink these days! I'm not complaining, cause I love pink and I certainly want to see cancer beaten, but I just wonder about these things.
I have an urge to sew and I really, really wish I could find my sewing box. I have pins and needles and thread and tape measures and all sorts of equipment in there, and I can't find it. I could go buy new supplies, but I think the only place to do that in my town is Wal-Mart, and although I'm not opposed to Wal-Mart, I am opposed to rude people and crowds. So you see my dilemma.

They don't have needles and thread at Michael's or Target, do they?
I love my friends, y'all.

I'm not talkin' about those people you think you know, and then you realize that it's all just a phony, fake act.

I'm talking about people who have your back, no matter what. Friends who hurt when you hurt, not friends who hurt you on purpose. I'm re-learning (AGAIN!) what it means to be a friend and to have a friend and just to be who I'm SUPPOSED to be, instead of what someone else expects me to be.

Ya know?