Monday, December 03, 2007

Good Morning, Monday!

Hey, y'all. Don't you love it when you're in a good mood on a Monday morning? Let's get right to my 3 happies today, shall we?

1. Have I mentioned that it's Big Daddy's Day Off? He's right over there snoring because it's his only day to sleep in. I didn't love getting up by myself this morning after staying up too late, but I do love giving him the treat of unlimited sleep!

2. There's banana bread in the oven! I used this recipe from Biblical Womanhood. I can't wait for that timer to ding!

3. How this for a segue...I'm happy because I have a menu plan for this week that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, and that I did it almost completely from my fridge/freezer/pantry. We bought some minimal groceries last night, and we're set for at least a week. Yay Us!

So without further ado, I present to you Menu Plan Monday!

B - English Muffins, Yogurt
L - Spaghettios, Fruit
D - Dinner out with Grammy and Grandaddy, and then looking at Christmas Lights

B - Cereal, Fruit
L - Cheese Pizza, Carrot Sticks
D - Potluck Soup (Odds and ends from the freezer/fridge/pantry with some mushroom soup and Mommy Magic)

B - English Muffins, Fruit
L - Ramen Noodles with veggies
D - Grilled Sausage Sandwiches

B - Cereal, Fruit
L - Mac & Cheese, Carrot Sticks
D - Crockpot Chicken and Rice (rice, chicken, cream of whatever soup, in that order)

B - English Muffins, Fruit
L - Oatmeal with cranberries and nuts
D - Life Group Christmas Party - We're bringing Big Daddy's Famous Ribs and a Toll House Pie.

B - Probably a bunch of unhealthy sweets leftover from the party, with milk for calcium!
L - Pancakes and Sausage
D - Sloppy Joes

Yes, the breakfasts are boring, but we're on a budget here, folks, and we have lots of English Muffins in the freezer!

Y'all have a great Monday. Oh, and tell me what's making you happy today.

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Shoeaddict said...

My happies:
1) LSU!
2) I cooked chili
3) my warm Old Navy pj pants with shoes on them