Thursday, November 29, 2007

Didja miss me?

Hey, y'all. The absence of brilliant posts here has several causes, some of which are:

Faux Knitting
Carpal Tunnel

Every post I've thought of lately seems to start out, "Don't you hate it when..." or "It just drives me crazy that..." And since I don't want to turn into Complainer McFussyPants, I haven't posted.

So here's what I'm gonna do. Every day for the next however long, I'm gonna write a post about Three Good Things. They may be serious, they may be silly, they may confuse you, and the post may be short. But they will be Things That Make Me Happy.

Today's Three Good Things:

One. Limited Edition Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper. When Big Daddy brought me a bottle, I was skeptical. I love my Diet Cherry Vanilla DP so very much, and I didn't want to cheat. A friend of a friend said it tasted terrible. The first time I tried it I was uncertain. But then I tried it again. And y'all, it's like drinking chocolate with no calories. Granted, there's no yummy fat either, but I can't get over how chocolately this stuff is! So even though I drink Way Too Much DP All Day Long, I save this stuff for one yummy treat every night. Amen.

Two. Faux Knitting. So far I've made three and a half hats, and have three scarves in progress. The stinking Carpal Tunnel is slowing me down, though.

And Three. It's Christmas, y'all! I wish I could slow time, but past attempts have been unsuccessful. I'll just have to enjoy it fast while it zooms on by.

There you have it, friends. Today's Three Good Things. What's making you happy today?


WendyDarling said...

What a fantastic idea. :-)

Shoeaddict said...

Great idea!

-Blue's home!
-Southwestern Ranch Dip (Fantastic!!)
-My new black shoes from Old Navy are sooooo cute!!