Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bachelorette - Apparently I'm watching it.

Hey, so I wasn't gonna watch The Bachelorette this season, but guess what? It's 1:00 in the dadgum morning and I'm sitting here watching it on the DVR.

There are SEVERAL Texas boys on this season, so maybe I'll just stick it out to see what happens to 'em. Yeah, that's it. Because I'm TOTALLY not addicted to reality TV. At all.

Some observations while I'm waiting on Jillian to kick some of 'em to the curb:

During the first introductions, Jillian said "Cool," and "Awesome," way too much. Seriously.

I'm really stressing over her white dress dragging in that water and gettin' all grody. I do, however, love that she kicked off her shoes and just padded around in bare feet half the night.

And speaking of feet, the guy who wanted to check out her feet creeped me out. He wasn't one of my Texas boys, was he? Lemme check the website. Tanner P...is from...oh crap, he's from Dallas. Well, Dallas or not, he's a freakin' freak and he needs to go.

One thing that runs through my mind, especially on the first couple of episodes, is How On Earth does she remember all the names? Are there cue cards or a teleprompter or something? Because I'm telling you right now - I COULD NOT remember all those names.

Okay, here's Jillian. She's gonna start giving out roses.

Jake - the pilot from Texas! One of my faves!

Wes - Woo Hoo! The country singer from Austin!

Michael - The break dancer - I like him.

Robert - Texas again!

Ed - He was one of the interlopers, wasn't he? But I liked him.

Reid - Another interloper! And I'm not so crazy about this one.

Simon - She must like accents, because he seemed strange, was hard to understand, and honestly? Not all that handsome either.

Kiptyn - What the heck kind of name is that? But I like him anyway.

Mike - Ew, low forehead. Reminds me of that lunatic CT on The Real World and all its spinoff Challenges. Ew.

Brian D - I like that little hillbilly.

Sasha - Texas again, and I liked his Serbian family in the intro clip.

Tanner P - Ew, I don't think she knows that he's a foot freak. I do like his jacket, though.

And now's when I start getting sad for the poor guys who aren't getting picked. Wah.

I liked the other Bryan and John H, but they're outta there.

There were 20 picks altogether, but some of 'em? Meh. Didn't care one way or the other.

I don't think I've ever watched a Bachelorette season all the way though, so we'll see what happens this year...

Did you watch the show tonight? What did you think?

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