Monday, May 25, 2009

The Bachelorette - May 25

I am WAY too disorganized and random to do any kind of formal recap or commentary, so it's random randomness from Random Town, people.

That's just how I roll.

The race to find Jillian? SO fun! I love that so far there's more to this show than muggin' down in the hot tub.

Love that Wes won the Vault Date with Jillian, and I don't get why the other guys don't like him. Sounds like they think he's there to further his music career, but I don't see that yet. Hope I don't. Cause I'd hate to have to dump one a my Texas boys.

And Brad? Is a tool. Whatever that means. I'm not a fan.

Another Texas boy gets a date - it's Jake, the commercial pilot from Dallas. Yep. And how cute is this guy with his little feelings and his corny western shirt?

P.S., when did Jillian turn into a Hot Tamale? Cause I knew she was cute and all, but tonight? She's smokin'.

Hello, impulsive kisser! How romantic is this guy?

Moving on to the basketball date, and I gotta say - Jillian? Lose the scarf. A trend is a trend, sweetie, but to play basketball? I can not co-sign that.

Cause I'm clearly a fashion icon.


Intermission while I play Farkle on Facebook.

Tanner P is a freakin' freak with the foot thing, and he needs to go home. Even if he is from Texas (isn't he?).

The guys voting for the person they'd like to see leave is awkward, but I see a twist coming...let's see. They choose Juan, but Jillian keeps him. Yawn.

Rose Time! I still don't know these guys' names, so I'll refrain from a play-by-play here. Except...Jessie and Sasha are safe and I like 'em both. David too, although I'm tired of him saying he wants to beat Juan's ass.

Let it go, David. Let it go.

So Naked Pool Jumper goes home, and so does the Brit. No surprises here.

What about you? Who are your favorites? What are your thoughts about this episode?

Talk amongst yourselves.

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Jennifer said...

Randomness works just fine for me! I wondered about the scarf during b-ball too, but then later thought maybe it was to help conceal the outfit underneath? Not sure, but at least it would be a half-way decent explanation!
Haven't figured out favorites yet - just not sure. I really wonder if the "one" is even in this bunch though. Sure, there'll probably be a proposal and engagement in the end, but like all but one other - it probably won't last. I'd love for her to find her true love, but most of these guys just seem to young for me anyway. So...I'm not holding my breath...not that I would have been anyway. But it should be entertaining at least!