Monday, April 13, 2009

Dancing With The stars - April 13

Tonight's dances are the Rumba and Jive, and I'm gonna go ahead and say I despise some of the costumes tonight.

First out of the chute tonight is Ty Murray, my little cowboy boyfriend, doing The Jive with Chelsie Hightower. I hope he's better than last week, don't y'all?

Love Chelsie's little American Flag bodice, but the beginning of this dance is yucky. OOH, it's gettin' better though! HOW FRICKIN' CUTE IS TY MURRAY, Huh? I hope the judges don't get on 'em for making it too country, and OH NO, he really missed his steps and got confused for a minute. Wah.

SCORE: 18. Vote for Ty, y'all!

Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas - The Rumba
First of all, her dress looks so matronly on the top, but OMG, she got a little sexy, didn't she? I'm so proud of the little Tomboy. WOW!

SCORE: 26!

Lawrence Taylor and Edyta Sleazinska - The Jive
Another dress critique from Miss Fashion Plate over here. Love the color, hate every thing else about it. ESPECIALLY those whack leg thingies. EW.

But the dance? Love the Football Player hip swing, y'all. He's actually lighter on his feet than my little Ty. Big Daddy pointed out, though, that they're not using the whole floor, so we'll see how it goes.


Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani - The Rumba
I'm a Melissa and Tony fan, but I didn't love this dance tonight. I don't have much, good or bad, to say about it.


Lil' Kim and Derek Hough - The Jive
NOW THAT'S A JIVE, y'all. There were some sticky places, but overall I thought it was GREAT.

Bruno Tonioli cracks me up, people.


Steve-O and Lacey Schwimmer - The Rumba
Part of the time Steve-O looked like he was doing military drills. Big Daddy wanted to fast forward because it was so boring, but it just sort of made me uncomfortable.


Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke - The Jive
Hate the skirt.

But the dance? ABSOLUTELY incredible. I think Gilles may have out-danced Cheryl. I enjoyed it so much that I overlooked everything negative that the judges mentioned.

And there's my boyfriend Cristian de la Fuente in the audience! Sigh.


Chuck Wickes and Julianne Hough - The Rumba
How cute is this guy, y'all? Although his lacy shirt is making me a little uncomfortable, I gotta say. But the dance, ummmmmmm, it sorta embarrassed me, it was so intimate. And good, it was good.


That's it for tonight, friends. Who did you like? My favorites were Shawn & Mark, Gilles & Cheryl, and Chuck & Julianne. I guess the worst were Ty and Steve-O, but y'all vote for Ty so he can stay another week.

See ya tomorrow night for DWTS Results and American Idol.

Peace Out.

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