Wednesday, April 08, 2009

American Idol - April 8 Results Show

It's the Results Show, my peeps.

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely HATE the "Ryan Picks On Simon Show?" Hate it. Can't stand it. So what if Simon was born in 1959? Shut up, Ryan, seriously.

OOH, I LOVE Frankie Avalon! Bring it, Frankie! Frankie's lookin' good, isn't he? I bet he's had some work done. Which I'm absolutely okay with.

Group Number? Meh. Boring.

Ford Commercial? Like the bling.

Blah blah, Ryan's talking, blah blah blah.

First person in the Bottom Three? Anoop Desai. Not surprised. It's probably because he wore a hoodie with a tie.

Danny Gokey is safe. That's MY boy.

Matt Giraud? Saferooni.

You know who Scott McIntyre looks like? That guy who played Julia Roberts' love interest in Sleeping With The Enemy. Kevin Anderson. Don't you think? Oh, and Scott's in the bottom three.

Lil's makeup is beautiful tonight. Didn't keep her out of the bottom three, though.

Hey y'all, I LOVE Kelly Pickler. She's just the cutest little thing in the world, and she doesn't seem to have changed a BIT, except that she gets to dress hoochier these days.

And it all comes down to this: The person with the lowest number of votes is Scott McIntyre. Beautiful performance, buddy...whew, until that stinker of a note toward the end. Will the judges save him? Paula's crying, and it looks like it's the girls against the boys on whether he'll stay.

Well waddaya know, Big Daddy and I are crying too. I guess Scott grabbed us more than we realized.

Goodbye, Scott.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the recap! I missed it and still didn't know who went home! From the talk I was hearing on FB, I was afraid it was Kris or Matt. I'm glad it was Scott! I liked him ok, but he just didn't stand a chance to win.
Wanna hear something weird? I couldn't get onto your blog the past couple days! We installed a new protection control on our comptuters, and since then, there were several blogs I coudln't get to. It told me access was denied. I was getting very annoyed. So I checked out the settings today, and apparently there is a parental guard that is automatically installed. I changed the setting and voila! No clue why it would have blocked any of the blogs I read, but now it works. Guess it didn't like yours for some reason - which was making me MAD! But all is well now! Goodness!