Tuesday, April 07, 2009

American Idol - April 9

Tonight's theme is The Year You Were Born. Lame, in my opinion, but whatever.

First up is Danny Gokey, and he's singing Stand By Me. I don't know why Ryan called it Mickey Gilley's version, because that would be Country music, wouldn't it? And this isn't. But anyway. It was a'ight. I'm a big Gokey fan, but he didn't knock my socks off tonight.

But Paula was obviously moved, because she was shakin' her groove thang. Uhm, ew.

Kris sang and I missed it because I was dealing with a belligerent child. But I'm told he sang Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, and I'm OVER that song.

UPDATE: Apparently Kris sang All She Wants To Do Is Dance, which is obviously a completely different song. I swear, I asked Big Daddy 42 times, "Are you sure it was Every Little Thing She Does is Magic? Because they're talking about Don Henley now and that's a Sting song!" And he's all, "I know, but maybe Don Henley wrote it or somethin'." Yeah, he was wrong.

Lil Rounds - I love her hair in the taped piece! I also love that they clarified that her name is NOT Lil'. It's just Lil. Thank you.

What's Love Got To Do With It doesn't sound so good tonight, I'm sorry to say. VERY pitchy, although she did some good yellin' in the middle of the song. But did I mention pitchy? Poor Lil. She looked good, tho.

Anoop Dawg is singing True Colors? Hmmm. He's got a nice voice, but this performance was uninspiring. Completely.

Scott McIntyre - The Search is Over
For the record, I LOVE this song, although I can't remember right now who sang it first. Anyone? Anyone? So because I'm a Scott fan and a This Song fan, I really enjoyed the performance. EW, until the end when he went kind of wonky.

How do you like my technical terms? Wonky.

Allison Iraheta - I Can't Make You Love Me
This song really suits Allison's voice, but I can't stand that ridiculous skirt she's wearing. Yeah, that's all I got.

Matt Giraud - Part Time Lover
GET OUT OF HERE, I love this performance. Love. It.

Adam...Oh no, the DVR cut off!

Did I miss anyone else?

Well who should go home? I'm sorry to say probably Lil or maybe Scott. My fave of the night? Matt. Absolutely.

What did y'all think about tonight's show?


Smoochiefrog said...

Scott's song was by Survivor.

Susanne said...

You can find Adam's song on the AI website.