Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got Energy?

Almost every day, when I greet friends at church or kids' school or volleyball practice, "Hey, how are you?" I hear, "Tired." "Worn out." "Run ragged."

But you know what? I'm not so tired, worn out and run ragged anymore. And it's because a few months ago, Big Daddy and I were introduced to great nutritional products and a company called Advocare.

Being overweight AND living with Crohn's Disease has REALLY robbed me of my get-up-and-go these past few years. And with kids in the equation? Coma city. But these products, y'all? Have changed my life.

Every morning when he gets up, Big Daddy mixes us both a big old cup of Rocket Fuel. It's a combo of Spark, Rehydrate and Arginine Extreme. It's OH, so much better than a cup of coffee. At least for me it is.

Spark gives me enhanced energy and mental focus, WITHOUT JITTERS. The best way I know how to describe it is this: It makes me feel THE WAY I'M SUPPOSED TO. Although I apparently still end sentences with prepositions. I really must work on that.

Rehydrate makes sure that my body stays hydrated, since I'll admit, I DO NOT drink as much water as I should. When I'm hydrated properly I sleep better at night, and a quick Rehydrate even chases away those rotten headaches I get sometimes.

Arginine Extreme enhances strength and stamina as well as helping promote a healthy respiratory system. Although stupid Crohn's Disease attacks my gastrointestinal tract, it also jacks with random things like my joints and respiratory system, so I need all the help I can get.

Friends, since I'm an AdvoCare distributor, OF COURSE I make a bit of money when someone buys products. But listen, I COULD NOT endorse this stuff if it hadn't already changed my life. I'm not a salesperson; I'm just someone who wants to get healthy and help others do the same.

There are other AdvoCare products that Big Daddy and I take, like MNS Max 3 for weight loss, ProBiotic Restore for intestinal health, Joint ProMotion and Catalyst (liposuction in a bottle!), and if you want further information about any of the products or the discounts available, just e-mail me or leave a comment.

Now since I'm about a gazillion pounds overweight, I've obviously got quite a way to go before I'm the picture of health. But Oh, Thank Heavens I've got these products to help me get there.

Without a doubt, AdvoCare Works For Me.

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