Friday, November 07, 2008

Dell is on my last nerve.

Y'all. I am on the phone with some jokers from Dell, and I am here to tell you, I will never buy another Dell laptop again, as long as I live.

Unless it's a really good deal on Black Friday, that is. But it better be dang cheap. And I will NEVER, EVER pay money for a warranty from Dell. That is $300 that I could have spent on something much less frustrating.

When I purchased my Spring Green Dell laptop, I was oh, so thrilled. My dad and cousin swear by Dell, and I have a Dell desktop that, while slow, has served us well.

But today? Dell Sucks.

Dell Sucks.

Dell really, really sucks.

On-Site, Next Day, Extended Warranty? Actually means that you have to talk to a person in another country, and it's oh, so hard to understand them, FOR HOURS, while they ask you questions and refuse to send someone to the house until they can figure out, IN TIMBUKTU, what the problem is.

Man, I have spent hours and hours on the phone and on chats with these Dell people. On at least 4 occasions. And they have run test after test after test after test. But until they can figure out what the problem is, they won't send a technician to my house. I can, however, send it to them FOR 7 TO 10 DAYS, and they can figure it out at "the depot."

How is that On-Site Service?

This international fellow even asked ME, the ditz in Texas, WHAT TESTS THEY HAD RUN. How the Sam Hill do I know? I clicked on the links and I entered the codes and I gave them remote access, and beyond that? Hey, I was filing my fingernails.


Okay, so I was a bit petty when he asked me to repeat my address for the 5th time. I told him it hadn't changed since the last time I gave it to him, and it hadn't changed since I purchased the laptop IN APRIL.

I'm not even making sense right now, probably, but DANG I am frustrated. And I want this out there, in the cyberwebbyverse. And if some ditzy mom like me who wants a cute Spring Green laptop is thinking of buying a Dell, she'll STOP RIGHT THERE, missy. Just go on down to Best Buy or Circuit City, or heck, even Big Lots, and buy a laptop WITH NO WARRANTY, because this dadgum warranty is useless.

Send chocolate. And Jack Daniels. And a bodyguard for the joker in Bangkok, Egypt, cause I'm fixin' to go right through this phone line and beat his sarcastic butt.

That is all.


WendyDarling said...

We had the same problems when we bought a Dell. We will NEVER do that again. :-( I am sorry you are having so much trouble.

Milehimama said...

My boss bought a Dell (as office manager, I picked it, recommended it, and ordered it) so when it broke it was MY problem.

The guy in India on the other end of the phone seriously wanted me to TAKE IT APART on my desk. The whole back off it.

Ummm... I'M not the technician!

On the other hand, my hubs bought one and loved it! Worked great until very recently when a small child tripped on the power cord and snapped the doo-hickey off in the back of the case. And it's over a year out of warranty.

Sherry said...

My husband just bought a laptop 3 weeks ago and could not get AOL to download. We called dell and they told us we had to pay for a software warranty before they would fix it. My husband told them he would just send the computer back. Then they told us they would give us 20-30 minutes of their time to try to fix it. They never did, he called AOL and they walked him through it. Problem solved.