Saturday, October 04, 2008

What's another word for Random?

Scattered thoughts this week, my friends. Scattered thoughts. For example:

Why do they send so much crap home from Children's Church? And I feel so guilty throwing any of it away! For goodness sakes, my kids made the crafts with their own little bitty hands, and the handouts have scripture all over 'em! Yeah, I trash most of it anyway. I just add 10 minutes to my daily devotions to make up for it.
And while we're on the subject of paper and other crap, tell me - what is it that y'all do with school papers and teacher notes and birthday cards and insurance policies and electric bills and vet records and just all those pieces of paper that comes into our houses every day? Because this crap is threatening my sanity.
When you've got a whole gallon of milk, and you realize it expires tomorrow, is it wrong to feed your kids cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner? They don't mind, and I make sure to throw in some fruit to balance it out. Thoughts? Opinions? Scathing critiques?
When did people stop typing 2 spaces after the period? I still do it, but I think I'm in the minority. Y'all, it's a rule of grammar. Or typing or whatever. They can't just change it, can they?
Why is Breast Cancer so much more important than the other cancers? This is a serious question; I'm not being flippant. Is it more prevalent than, say, pancreatic or lung cancer? I mean, my goodness, everything is pink these days! I'm not complaining, cause I love pink and I certainly want to see cancer beaten, but I just wonder about these things.
I have an urge to sew and I really, really wish I could find my sewing box. I have pins and needles and thread and tape measures and all sorts of equipment in there, and I can't find it. I could go buy new supplies, but I think the only place to do that in my town is Wal-Mart, and although I'm not opposed to Wal-Mart, I am opposed to rude people and crowds. So you see my dilemma.

They don't have needles and thread at Michael's or Target, do they?
I love my friends, y'all.

I'm not talkin' about those people you think you know, and then you realize that it's all just a phony, fake act.

I'm talking about people who have your back, no matter what. Friends who hurt when you hurt, not friends who hurt you on purpose. I'm re-learning (AGAIN!) what it means to be a friend and to have a friend and just to be who I'm SUPPOSED to be, instead of what someone else expects me to be.

Ya know?


blessedwith5 said...

Hi, Lori - I love your post tonight! I can really relate to you on this post!

I am not sure about the why of the Children's Church projects and "crap" - but I totally know where you are coming from. I have four boys 6 and under - that equals a lot of Childrens Chruch bring home papers.

School notes, papers, cards - I purchased a few of the Pendaflex file sorters - they are awesome. I have one for the kids for school - each kid has a section. I only keep positive notes, achievements and special project papers. Birthday cards -- I let the kids keep them for a while and then toss them when they are finished with them. Insurance policies go inside my "bill and insurance policy" 10 section file folder with velcro. All of our bills go into it along with a register that I keep track of the checkbook. I also keep our insurance policies there as well! Easy to find!

Gallon of milk - I sure wouldn't let it go to waste - definitely a cereal and milk marathon!

Two spaces after a period? I learned this as well - 25+ years ago. I only use one space now - not sure when that changed for me.

I think all cancers are horrible and important and can happen to anyone. I just think Susan B Koman has promoted breast checks and all - it is so much out in public view that Breast Cancer has become a "highly important" cancer.

I get irritated that stores don't carry what I need - Target may have needle and thread - not sure where they would keep it though.

I totally know what you are talking about when it comes to FAKE FRIENDS - we have been burned by several "friends" and aren't too enthused about having too many friends anymore.

I hope I didn't bore you to death - just wanted to answer your questions.


Milehimama said...

Aww, heck, you can buy SEWING machines at Target! They don't have the thread selection that Walmart does, but if you just want basics you can get it there.

You seriously do not want to know what I'm doing with our paperwork. We moved in June but the filing cabinet hasn't made it into the house yet, if you KWIM. So I've been putting my papers in a drawer. No files. Just dumping them in a drawer. It's filed chronologically - newest on top, old junk on bottom.

As for children's precious work - I leave it out on the table for everyone to enjoy. Then someone sets a glass on it or spills their milk and it just *has* to be tossed. Guilt free!

Milehimama said...

Thought of more random things I wanted to tell you for no discernible reason...

I do have important files, like my son's IEP, in binders. I had to upgrade his to a 2" last year and still all that junk barely fits!

The breast cancer thing annoys the heck out of me - I want to give money to cancer research, but I DO NOT support Susan G. Komen and that's the most prominent one!
Lung cancer kills more women than breast cancer - but it's all bad. I think an advance in one could help cure other cancers to. It's just SGK I do NOT support at all.

Although, pink ribbons on the Campbell's soup is a little much, no?

Lola Goetz said...

I file some of the stuff, and toss some of it. I'm actually starting a blog about stuff like that - keeping organized for moms. I won't drop a link in your comments, but if you'd like to see it, I can give you the site.

And the spacing after a period? I was way behind the times on that one - only started doing it in the last year or two. It was a rule mostly for the typewriter, from what I understand, because of the way the letters were shaped and the space they took up (especially letters like "m" and "w"). And with computers and the ability to space things differently, it isn't needed. I'll have to see if I can find that reference for you.

Kristen said...

OK, paper sucks.

Milk for breakfast lunch and dinner if it's about to expire? You betcha! It's so expensive now.

Interesting thing about two spaces after the period. I've always done it. I guess that means I'm old. These younger kids can't just keeping changing all the rules! Isn't anything sacred anymore? Geesh!

binks said...

1/2)Children's Church stuff and school stuff, if it was very cute or very good, went into a small plastic box that grew into a big bin. As for all the other stuff, they are stuffed in little bags and stored everywhere (drives the hubby crazy). But I do have 1 drawer for just important papers (insurance/birth certif/etc.)
3. Are you kidding, I think that cereal was the number 1 dinner choice for many an evening. I say it has more vitamins and minerals than a hot dog and chips! But I always end up making pudding or something that takes a few cups.
4. "Two spaces" - rocks. I know now they say you don't need it anymore, but I think it helps. I always do it.
5. October is Breast cancer awareness month. That is why everything is pink now.
According to the CBC web site, "Aside from non-melanoma skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. Breast cancer is the number one cause of cancer death in Hispanic women. It is the second most common cause of cancer death in white, black, Asian/Pacific Islander, and American Indian/Alaska Native women."

Awareness is the key. The earlier you find it, the better your chances. They have found some great medicines to save those who have the disease. I thank God every day for those researchers because my sister is alive because of those findings. No judgement, just info.
6. Sewing? Can't help. My sewing machine is a dust bunny collector.
7. Friends are the best when you find the true ones.

Tara said...

I forgot all my points while I was reading the comments.

My MIL died from being afraid of breast cancer. She let it go though she knew there was something there. It spread to her brain and she died. I'm wearing and buying pink this month especially!

The two spaces after a period are ingrained in my head. I can no more leave only one space than I can make a turn without my turn signal on. Even when I make a new paragraph I have to do two spaces before hitting enter.

Children's church junk hits the trash withing five steps upon hitting the door. Same as all other worthless paperwork. If it was something unique I could understand it, but a few scribbles and a sticker? No way.

Gallon of milk? You can freeze it. Really. And then when you thaw it out you have a few days to use it. Speaking from experience here.

Target does have a needle and thread. Check an endcap near the household appliances like microwaves and popcorn machines. Michaels would have one also. Ours is back a few aisles from the yarn corner.

Candace said...

I use the 2 space after sentences. I have always done it and like the others I haven't changed it.

Art from church I let Anna keep it out for a while and look at it and add to it or whatever and then I will slip it in the trash when she is done.

When I have a bunch of milk left and it is about to expire I use it to make pudding lol. I love pudding but don't make it often. Usually, that is the only way I can think of to enjoy milk and not waste it. I am not a big milk fan.

I have recently been burned by a friend too. She decided to go tell a mutual friend that I said some pretty horrible things about her and her kids. Things that I would never say. Our mutual friend and I are no longer very close and of course the one that decided to spout that stuff is totally off my list. When did friendships become so complicated!?!

Redneck Diva said...

Children's Church - I don't allow my kids to go to Children's Church for that very reason! Well, that and the fact they load 'em up on sugar an hour before lunch.

Paper and other crap - My kids each have a box - a big ol' tote that slides under the bed. In it goes all the things I think might be worthy of saving. I'm hoping that someday soon I get to the point where I can go through their boxes and do like my mom did. When Sis and I got married she presented to each of us a box of folders for each year we were in school. In each folder is special papers, report cards, notes from teachers, etc.

Bill stubs go in the file cabinet and at the end of the year I bundle them and store them in a tote. 7 years is all my accountant says I have to keep them, so each year the oldest gets shredded!

Milk for every meal - girl, you're just building strong bones and fighting off osteoporosis!

2 spaces - This is an obsolete rule! I discovered that when I started back to college after a 16 year break. My CompII teacher and I went 'round and 'round about it before she finally convinced me that it's really okay to leave one space after a period and the world hadn't combusted yet. It took awhile to retrain myself, but now I feel like I'm reformed!

Breast Cancer - October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Back when I sold Pampered Chef the entire month of October we sold pink utensils like crazy - pink spatulas, measuring cups, measuring spoons...makes me hum the Pepto Bismol song.

The urge to sew - I occasionally have the urge to sew. It passes. Hang in there.

Awesome friends - I love you, too. :-)

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