Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dirty Laundry Family Feud

Y'all. Have I mentioned that we watch Celebrity Family Feud with the kids sometimes? I think I have.

Here's the latest:

Al Roker: Name something that some people do too fast.

Scooter: Toot. Tooting.

The rest of us: Laughing uncontrollably.

Scooter: Well they do. Boys, they're tooting all the time.

I need to get us on that show, y'all.


Jennifer said...

Now THAT'S an episode I wouldn't want to miss. You girls are too funny for their own good! LOL!

Scribbit said...

LOL :)

beckyjomama said...

That is stinking Hilarious!!! Only, around here, it aint just the boys!!!! Tootin' I mean!


XOXO Becky Jo

Summer said...