Friday, June 27, 2008

Family Feud and the Dirty Laundry Family

So we're sittin' here watching Celebrity Family Feud. I've always enjoyed Family Feud, and when you mix it up with some B- and C-List celebrities, you've got TV Magic, baby.

The contestants are Ice-T and Joan Rivers.

First question up is "Name something that's wet and hard to hold on to."

Ice-T's answer was bleeped, but let's just say it was uhm...a body part. His answer was not on the board.

So we're throwing out answers here on the Dirty Laundry homefront. Things like a wet baby, a bar of soap, etc.

And my darling 5yo Scooter says, "A poopie. Some poopie."


I'm thinking maybe Celebrity Family Feud isn't so family-friendly.


Kelley said...

She's right, you know. (Sometimes the best answers are NOT on the board.) And you are also right, my bloggy friend.

Family Feud used to have me lulled into a false sense of viewing security too, until my 7-year-old son was watching one day and the question was, "Name something that doesn't work if it has a hole in it." (pause - contestant answered, but I wasn't paying attention) Then, "Mom...what's a cond*m?" (sound of my jaw hitting the floor.) Yep, it was on the board all right.

julie said...

I loved the original with Richard Dawson. My kids still watch the re-runs of that one.