Monday, June 30, 2008

Laptop Issues

Yeah, so after just 4 months of laptop ownership I've run into my first roadblock.

For the past week or so my Spring Green Dell Inspiron has been acting temperamental and shutting off when he felt like it. And then yesterday afternoon, the power cord stopped working. I now have 1 hour and 18 minutes remaining on my battery.

You will be relieved to know, however, that the heavily accented gentleman at Dell Tech Support has already arranged for a new power cord to be shipped to me. I hope FedEx or Big Brown delivers my beloved soon.

And until then I'll be chained to a desktop. UGH. It's amazing how quickly I became spoiled!


Christine said...

Ugh - that is the worst! Mine - the screen popped off - how in the world does that happen!

Jennifer said...

That stinks! Hope you get your delivery soon. And I'm thrilled that by this weekend, I will finally be unchained from this desktop! Woo Hoo!!!