Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've got the Summertime Blues!

So June isn't even over and my kids are driving me crazy.

You know what else? I know most of the reason why - it's my fault.

See, for me summer is all about relaxing. In the Dirty Laundry Household that means no getting up to take the schoolgirl to school and no going back to pick her up. It means an even more relaxed homeschool schedule. What I wish it meant is less responsibility. A girl can dream, can't she?

And here's the problem - Relaxation is not a concept my girls understand. The more free time they have, the more restless they become, and in our house at least, that means an apparent lack of impulse control.

Which must be contagious, because when they lose impulse control, guess what? I lose my ever lovin' mind. That may or may not mean that I've yelled a time or two today, and don't even talk to me about my beliefs on spanking. They may have evolved today.

But hey, tomorrow's another day, and I guess I'm gonna have to stop relaxing and start policing. It's what seems to work over here.


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Sometimes I wonder what I'm a gonna do, but there ain't no cure for the summertime blues ~ Eddie Cochran

That's been running through my head every time I see this post's title! I hope you're finding some activities that are fun for everyone, maybe that involve you sitting in the shade with a book while the girls run around the yard through a sprinkler or something. :)

Jenna said...

Amen! That is exactly what is happening here. We have been off our regular school routine for 2 weeks and we are already thinking tha this whole summer thing is over-rated. I don't get a chance to relax at all. It was much easier when we had structure and planned activities. I am hoping we can make it atleast another 2 weeks before I give up and get back to work :)

Jennifer said...

You know, it really stinks that kids' idea of relaxing doesn't agree with ours! I hope things get better for the rest of the summer and you do actually find some time to relax!

I am so excited - you know the laptop on my wish list? Well, I'm getting one for my birthday next week!!!! And I plan to be relaxing with it in the shade while Ruthi is splashing in her pool!! Woo Hoo!!! However, it may not end up too relaxing if I'm having to yell at her to stop splashing the water out! Hmmmmm...

WendyDarling said...

I know what you mean. Although, we had our long break for the last few months, so now it is "school time" for us. (LOVE the flexibility of homeschooling) ;-)

Do your girls like to read? You might try the Summer Reading Program at your local library. That will kill a couple of hours once a week, and the rest of the time they can read to win the prizes. Just a thought. ;-)