Monday, April 07, 2008

Good Customer Service

So I had to call Some Company to check on Some Business, and when the call was completed, the guy said "Thank you for calling Some Company. Have a nice day." And hung up. Wow, what a relief!

The last few times I've dealt with Customer Service Reps, it has been HECK getting off the phone with them.

ME: Okay, thanks. Have a great day.

CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSON: Have I been helpful and courteous during our telephone call today?

ME: Yes. Thanks. Bye.

CSP: Have I answered all of your questions regarding Your Business today?

ME: Yes. Thanks. Bye.

CSP: Is there anything else that I can do for you today?

ME: Nope. Thanks. Bye.

CSP: Thank you for calling My Company, and please feel free to call us at 1-800-nevergonnaletyougo if you need anything else at all.

ME: DUDE! I know you're reading a script, and I hate to be rude, but I AM HANGING UP NOW! STOP TALKING!

The issue here is not whether my needs were satisfied. When I say Thank You and Goodbye, please say Goodbye back and Hang The Phone Up. Please don't keep asking me if I need anything else. I just told you Goodbye, for heavens' sake.

I'm done with you.


Misty said...

Typically everytime I've had to go through that scripted interview they said "before you go, do you mind if I ask you a few questions." So then it isn't SO bad :)

Jennifer said...

I am totally laughing out loud because I know what you mean! I find it very annoying! And though I'd love to just hang up while they are in mid-sentence, apparently, I'm too nice!

Amy said...

I'm not that nice. I try once or twice to say "no thank you" to whatever they're offering, but if they just won't accept it, I hang up on them.

I am usually willing to give them a few seconds to ask if all my needs were met or what not, but just because I'm on the phone to their company does not mean I'm interested in spending any more money on them.