Friday, April 04, 2008

Advice Forum Friday - Search Engine...Search.

Hey guys, I'm back with Advice Forum Friday this week, by popular request. I played hooky last week, because I didn't have any burning questions, and because I wondered if anyone would notice.

I do have a question to ask you this week, though, and here's some background. For two years or so I've used Blingo for web searches, because they randomly award prizes as you search. I know this from experience, because only 18 short months ago I won a $50 Amazon Gift Card, just for doing a search I would have been doing anyway.

Note that it was 18 months ago. Yeah, haven't won anything since. And some of the prizes are smaller, like movie tickets and $10 iTunes and such.


My problem is this: For the last little while, all of the searches I do on Blingo (and I do lots of web searches) return at least a page of ads before we get to useful links. And that drives me crazy. It's bad enough that you can't do a search on a doctor or hotel or city without getting a full page of those stupid bogus Docsearch or Cityview or whatever sites.

Yeah, I know I need to relax.

So here's the deal. I've gotten used to the fact that doing searches can win me something or earn me something or whatever. And Google doesn't give me squat. As far as I know, neither does Yahoo.

Do you have a favorite search engine that pays points or contest entries or anything remotely fun?

Or do you think I'm just out of my ever-lovin' mind?

Which if I am, get used to it; I have.

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Amy said...

Of course you're out of your ever-lovin' mind--but it's the places you visit while you're gone that make it all worthwhile!

Sorry I don't have any real advice. I use Google most of the time or Yahoo! occasionally.

Kelley said...

Two sites that I LOVE don't pay ME, but they DO pay my favorite charity: = search engine = HUGE shopping network