Monday, April 07, 2008

They crack me up!

We're sitting here watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition from the DVR.

Well, Big Daddy and the two big girls are watching. I'm reading blogs. I can't really get into Extreme Makeover these days. I may be jaded.

I do like watching the reveal, though, and thank goodness, so I didn't miss this:

The lady walks into her master bedroom, which is gorgeous. She's alone.

Tink: Thank you, Ty, for not talking to her.

Big Daddy and I give her puzzled looks.

Tink: Well, if he was there he'd be saying, "Do me a favor and go look at your new room." I hate that!

She's right, y'all. She's right.


Tami said...

Ty gets on my nerves too. I have kinda quit watching that. Since Desperate Housewives doesn't come on after. Isn't that awful?

julie said...

That' funny and she is right.