Wednesday, April 02, 2008

In which she loses her self control

I'm a bit embarrassed, y'all. I finally joined the brainwashed masses and bought a Vera Bradley bag.

But I did get a great deal on Ebay.

I've been looking for a lovely laptop bag at a bargain price. Not an easy find, I'll tell ya. But this little puppy fit the bill!

The problem is, now I can't stop looking at the travel bags, wallets and such. I am sticking with Ebay, though. Not sure I'd ever pay full price for one of these babies.

Pray for me.

And for my bank account.


Mandy said...

Love the color! I have a VB purse that I love. Got it as a gift so didn't have to break my bank. I try and find cheap knock offs. Found a quilted wallet that matches my purse almost exactly for $4 at Dollar General! Have found some other decent ones at Bed, Bath & Beyond and TJ Maxx.

Amy said...

I am so hopelessly fashion inept. The only Vera I know is Vera Wang. I saw the photo and thought, "Looks like a pretty diaper bag." I never even owned a diaper bag! Back in the day, I carried a little purple Jansport day pack I'd bought two years earlier for a missions trip to Brazil.

But, I'm glad you got something nice and you like it lots. Good luck finding matching accessories at discount prices!

dcrmom said...

CUTE!! Love that pattern.

Jennifer said...

It is quite cute! I love that it is pink! I'm such a plain, cheapie bag girl. I buy mine a WM or Target! I'd much rather spend any extra money on scrapbooking/stamping supplies! LOL!
Hey, whatever keeps us happy, right?
But good for you seeking out a good price!