Monday, March 10, 2008

We're either the best or the worst - I can't decide

Y'all, the Dirty Laundry Family had a full-on food fight at dinner tonight. No lie.

I started it.

We were almost finished eating our take-out from Long John Silver's, talking trash, when I got the urge to throw a french fry at Big Daddy. So I did. And that sucker had the nerve to throw it back at me! Tink starting throwing whole cheese sticks, Pooh was throwing corn on the cob, and Scooter's weapons were hush puppies. I don't know who threw the half-eaten piece of fish, but Buster and Bear were in heaven!

Big Daddy took up a position in the corner of the kitchen, I stayed at the table and the girls were running all over the place. He returned everything we threw at him, and the only injury came when he launched a cob of corn at Scooter, she ducked and he nailed me in the bazooms.

When the fight ended, the floor was filthy, but not for long. Sweet Bear and Buster helped with the big chunks, Tink swept and BD mopped.

And nobody has to eat leftovers tomorrow.


Kelley said...

That is AWESOME! I need to start one of those with my family soon. We've been taking ourselves WAY too seriously lately.

Jennifer said...

Oh my, I am laughing OUT LOUD as I'm picturing it in my head! NO WAY would I start one here, because I would lose, hands down! My hubby fights dirty. I learned that LONG time ago by starting a water fight. I didn't stand a chance! And then I foolishly have started at least a couple more in our marriage. But I don't do that anymore! LOL!

Misty Dawn said...

I want to come to dinner at your house - sounds like you and your family are an absolute blast!!!