Sunday, March 09, 2008

The ugly side of me

You wanna know what really, REALLY bugs me sometimes? It's the cooking part that comes with the wife and mother business. I just Do Not Like being responsible for feeding people, Three Times A Day. And these kids and this husband? They want to eat, THREE TIMES A DAY!

Let me be clear - I like to cook. When I feel like it. But not so much when I don't want to. And apparently this wife and mother gig requires cooking All The Time.

One of the only things I miss about being single is being able to eat (or NOT!) whatever I want, whenever I want. (Another is getting to go potty without having to talk to anyone, but that's another post altogether.)

You'd think after 11+ years of being a wife and 3+ years of being a mother, I'd be used to this. Unfortunately, if you thought that you'd be wrong.

Some days, it's no big deal. Sometimes I LOVE cooking. Unfortunately today isn't one of those days. Good thing the payoffs FAR outweigh the chef duties.

Anyone else but me have this problem?


Kelley said...

I hear ya, friend. I like to cook too (even used to be a Pampered Chef consultant). My problem isn't the "three times a day" thing, because my kids generally fix their own breakfast, and we're working on lunch skillz too. BUT, my "beef" (ha ha - food pun) with dinner is that no matter what I fix, my youngest two daughters always want the same thing - and it's called "SOMETHING ELSE!" And if there's a way to ask for this "something else" dish without a whiny voice, they haven't discovered it yet. Ugh!

sarah bean said...

UGH I am totally devoid of the commitment and reliability gene required to remember to feed people three times a day. I was whining about this only recently myself.
With you on that, 100%.
And it's 10 to 5pm and I'm supposed to be starting dinner... yet here I am, reading your blog. What does that tell us?

Milehimama said...

I like to the cooking part. It's the planningthefood buyingthefood storingthefood washingthepots washingthedishes cleaningthestove wipingthetable wipingthekids nowit'stimetodoitagain that I hate!

Hmm... I think I need a sous chef.

Melissa said...

Heck, I don't even like to cook! Sadly, the Hubs likes to eat...but is a mess in the kitchen, so it seems to fall on me to do all the cooking.
I'm thinking a sous chef might be a good idea for me, too! :o)

Gloria said...

I don't mind cooking sometimes, but we eat the same old things because I just don't have the inspiration to think of anything new. That is the problem I have.

Jennifer said...

Even I feel that way sometimes. Granted, it's mostly when I haven't set forth a plan and I don't feel like having to figure out what to eat. When I have a plan and have done the shoppping it's much better. However, I don't always get that done, so yes, I have those days for sure! And if I'm tired or don't feel good, then I don't really wanna mess with it either! And even less, do I like having to clean up afterwards. Yeah, that sous chef is sounding pretty good. And maybe a meal planner and shopper as well!

Misty Dawn said...

Yes, I hate cooking because I'm totally inexperienced at it. The thing I hate the most is trying to figure out WHAT to make for dinner.