Thursday, January 24, 2008

Advice Forum Friday - Steam Cleaners?

Hey, y'all, it's Friday again. Time for me to ask you another burning question. This time it's very straight forward.

Do you have a carpet cleaner?
If so, what kind?
Do you like it?
If not, why not?

I have got to get this carpet clean, and for the amount of money I'm spending on products that do a pretty good job, I could buy a machine to do it much faster. So since tax time is a comin', I may just go and buy me a carpet cleaner.

Thanks for your input!

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Don't forget, Have a Great Friday!


Jennifer said...

I'm not much help. We don't have much carpet - mostly hardwoods. Only ours and CJ's rooms have carpet. (Ruthi's used to be the office so hardwood in there, and we're waiting until she makes fewer messes to put carpet in there!) I have used my neighbor's Bissel (?) to spot clean my area rug and I LOVE it and plan to get one at some point. I know it's not a big machine, and may not be good if you are doing an entire room. But if you rented a cleaner for the big job (or have it done) and then had the small one for spot cleaning, that could be an option. I'm sure someone else will have better advice for you - sorry I'm not much help on this one!

One other thing - back when we did have all carpet, I had a steamcleaner come and do some of the rooms - I honestly wasn't that impressed. But when my parents lived near me - their carpet was horrid, I mean, I really thought they would have to replace it. They used a company called Chem-Dry which is not a steamcleaner and I'm telling you - their carpet looked new! I was VERY impressed!

Amy said...

Sorry--I've got no real help for you this time. We also have almost all hardwood in our house.

Milehimama said...

We have a Bissell Proheat 2x (12 amp). I bought it at Target for $169 and got a $40 gift card back, so it was a great price!
I like it because it is sturdy, but doesn't weigh two tons. The water reservoir is removable (no hoses attached to the sink) and it heats the water up. Also there are several different types of cleaning solution that aren't too expensive and readily available almost anywhere. We use the pink bottle for pets. We don't have pets, but we do have potty training toddlers, and that's pretty much the same stain!
Before I bought it, I read tons of comments on all different models at and - that's how I conduct my "research"!

Anyway, we bought it 8 months ago and we (meaning my husband, he's the one who gets stuck with the carpet cleaning chores!) like it. It also cleaned our living room area rug nicely (we only have wall-to-wall in the bedrooms.

Shel said...

My mom bought a rug doctor machine 15 plus years ago. She has rental houses and was renting one to clean the carpets whenever someone moved out. It has held up well to heavy duty usage, and our vacuum repairman can work on it when needed. I think they are pretty expensive but last and do a great job. We've tried other types and they leave a soap residue behind that attacts dirt. You can rent one from Kroger's for 20 bucks for 24 hours to try it out if you want. The personal ones are blue, they don't sell the rental ones, they're red. It has an upholstry attachment too.