Thursday, May 03, 2007

AI Results Show

Here are some of my random thoughts about last night's results show.

First of all, I pretty much agree with the eliminations. I felt a little sad to see Phil go, because I was warming up to him again. I really liked him in the very beginning, through auditions and Hollywood. And then when it got down to Final Twelve, he sort of lost his appeal for me. But last week and this, I really enjoyed his performances. So while he may deserve to leave, I hate to see him go. Loved his final performance, though. He really did go down "In A Blaze Of Glory." Could I be more corny? Could I use more words to make my point? Probably. Don't push it.

Did y'all see how may times Ruben Studdard pointed his finger during his Public Service Announcement?

I really liked the Ford video. And I usually fast forward through those jokes, but this one really caught my attention.

I totally love Richie Sambora's voice. Totally. Hate the musical wives he's doing right now, but love his voice.

That is all.

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Becky said...

I had the same corny thought about Phil. It was sad to see him go though. I was warming up to him too.
Sorry to read about the discouraging comments. I thought you had a good response.