Tuesday, May 01, 2007

American Idol Final Six - Again

Here we go again, ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome Miss Tinkerbell, guest commentator, back by popular demand.

First of all, Jon Bon Jovi is just hot. That's all there is to it. But has he had his eyes done? Just askin'.

Here's Phil! And my first thought is, I do not like it when these guys walk through the audience while singing. I guess it makes me nervous, cause I don't see how they can sing good while they're navigating. But whatever. Cause his Song Is Great! And I've not been a Phil fan the past few weeks, even on Country week when everyone else was lovin' him. But tonight...Yeah, boy.

Tink: Ok...The way he's dancing doesn't look good, but the way he's singing sounds good.

Next up is Jordin. My first impression is that I love her hair! But I think the key is too low for her. Doesn't show the beauty in her voice at all.

Tink: Pretty good. (Thumbs up)

Oh my goodness, her hair does not look so great when the lights come up. EEK!

LaKisha - Has girlfriend lost weight? I think she has, but that doesn't mean she needs to be wearing skin-tight clothes. I'm just sayin'. But look out, KiKi is back! Better than the past few weeks, that's for sure!

Tink: Nothing. I can hear any of the God or Lord - That's what I like. That's why I'm not a fan of it.

Blake - Okay, first of all, my almost-six-year-old needs hormone suppression therapy or something, cause she is just verklempt when this guy comes out. Scary. My next impression is, stop messin' with that jacket. Okay, he stopped.

Wow, he is singing this song great! Very unique, and a wonderful showcase for his voice. You know what, not many people could have pulled this off.

Tink: Was he singing about God?

Chris - He stunk it up in the clip. Good thing he improved in the live performance.

Tink: Not Good.

Melinda - How cute is she!? It's not one of my favorite performances; seems like she's straining a little. But I still love her. No worries here.

Tink: She just said, "Have a nice day" a lot. (shakes finger) Don't like it cause she's putting her back on that man. They don't know each other, and that's like "keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself."

So this is getting serious, isn't it? Best, in my opinion, I can't believe I'm not saying Melinda. But this week, it's either Blake or Phil. Worst, I can't believe I'm saying Jordin. But this week I think it's true.

Who's going home? Goodness gracious, I don't know. I hope it's not Jordin. Maybe Chris, LaKisha?


Melzie said...

I love when you have Tink comment, I love Blake too. I love that Tink prefers songs mentioning God :)

Regarding Jon's eyes...WHO KNOWS because back in THE DAY he always had his BIG HAIR in his eyes ::swoon::. My word melzie grow up. already. please. xoxo melzie

Becky said...

Your new bloggy look is great!!!
Hard to decide who's going. It will be sad to see whatever two it is.

Wendy said...

OKay last night I came to your blog before I watched it, and I had to quickly turn away. I immediately went to watch it on my DVR. I think Chris may be going home this week, and MAYBE LAkisha, but I think she did great this week, so hard to tell. Maybe Phil? He has been hovering around the bottom for a while now. We shall see!! **I was bothered by Blake messing with his jacket. Annoying. I too think Lakisha has lost some weight but agree on the not having to wear skin tight clothes to show us.