Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm a doofus

I have to take medication four times a day, forever. I have a memory deficiency (not what the meds are for), so even though I have been taking said medication for three years, I still forget regularly. I have reminders and alarms set on both my cell phone and computer, and I often set the kitchen timer as a back-up.

So at 12 noon, my computer alarm goes off and I snooze it, cause I’m reading a good blog. My cell phone alarm goes off, and I snooze it, same reason. When both alarms go off again, I get up and go into the kitchen to take my meds.

I look at the counter, realize I must clear it before the clutter forms a union, and begin by picking up a container of Lysol wipes. Container is empty of wipes but still has cleaning liquid in it. I go get some paper towels and cut them up to put in the container to use up the liquid. Put the container under the sink. Pick up two tattoos (!) from the counter and . . . do you know I already can’t remember where I put them? Come back in my room, sit down at the computer. See the med alarm, and realize I didn’t take the meds. Go back in the kitchen.

Check the chicken in the crockpot, check the beans in the other crockpot, wander into the living room where I see a few things I need to pick up, so I grab some odds and ends, bring them into my room and put them up (sort of) and sit back down at the computer. See the alarm again.

Go back into the kitchen, take meds and think, “I need to blog about this.”

Now, while I know I’ve read something similar to this on someone’s blog recently, the difference is clear. This really happened. Just now. To me.

And there’s a cute baby on my bed.

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dcrmom said...

Oh my. I take meds 2x a day, and I can't even remember that. What on earth do you have that you have to take meds 4x a day!?