Friday, February 23, 2007

Baby update

Did I mention that I am babysitting my friend's baby? Oh my gosh, I so am. And I may still be just the tiniest bit envious. Just a bit.

Now I need to remind you that although I have three daughters, I have never had a newborn baby. Scooter was 20 months when we found our girls. And crazy. Just screamed all the dang time. Another post.

New Baby was only 5 lb, 12 oz at birth, and she is three weeks old today. She is a tiny little peanut. With these skinny little arms and legs and the most expressive baby face I've ever seen. And she makes the most incredible noises, like little grunts and squeaks that most mothers have experienced before, but are just enchanting to me.

My girls are also enthralled with New Baby. Yesterday afternoon, Baby was laying on my bed, and Pooh was on the other side of the bed doing her homework. Except she wasn't. She was just watching the baby sleep. And Tinkerbell loves to stroke Baby's arms and talk to her. Scooter just says, "Aw, she so cute!" a lot.

All of the girls enjoy having her here. The problem is Bear. Now Bear is a Momma's Boy. Big time. Bear was here before Big Daddy. He was not crazy about us bringing these three big girls in here when we did, but he has adjusted fairly well. He just ignores them. However, he has never seen anything as little as New Baby. At least nothing alive. He worries and frets about her the entire time she's here. And you don't even want to be around him when I burp her. It drives him crazy, cause I guess he thinks I'm hurting her. He does it when Baby's momma burps or feeds her, too. Just stands there whining and trying to get to Baby. I haven't figured it out yet, but I hope he gets over it quick.

So to recap, baby fever still in effect. Girls are on board. Big Daddy is neutral. Bear . . . the jury's still out.

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