Sunday, September 24, 2006

Notes for Tinkerbell

To my darling Tinkerbell,

You are five years old.

You are supposed to pee in the toilet, no matter what your circumstances.

If you are in time-out, you should ask to go to the toilet.

You will always be allowed to go the toilet, no matter what.

If you choose to pee in your clothes, I can not stop you.

What I can do is put you in a pull-up until I am sure that you are big enough to pee in the toilet.

I am sorry that I yelled, but I do not apologize for spanking you.

You got a spanking because you walked around the house in wet pants, and did not tell anyone that you had peed on yourself.

You had to wait in the laundry room, because you are not allowed to sit on furniture or carpet in wet clothes.

You will take a shower and put on your pajamas, including a pull-up, now.

I still love you very much.


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