Wednesday, September 13, 2006

All My Children revisited

I am so about to break up with this show. The writers are ridiculous, and there is seriously not one single relationship that I can get on board with right now.

I've just read the recaps for the last two weeks because actually watching the show makes me mad. The Zach and Dixie thing is still gagging me.

I loved Kendall and Zach. Loved them. Loved them. And they got to be happy for what, 8 days? Ridiculous. And are the writers so retarded that they can't come up with anything else for Kendall, but to keep running back to Ryan? They are SO not a super couple. He bites his lips too much to be part of a super couple.

I don't love Babe and JR, but even with them, the stupid-ass writers have them fall back in love, and then 36 hours later trouble is a brewin' again. This has happened like four times. No imagination. Do they not know how to write stories about happy people?

But, can someone tell me what's going on with Jamie and Julia? Because the recaps are not clear, but I imagine that they've already HAD THEM BREAK UP, because that's the frickin' formula on AMC these days!

Abrupt ending...
Later ~

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