Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sweet Saturday

I've loved my day today. Mostly.

The morning started off with Big Daddy having to go in to work for a couple of hours, which did not make me happy. But I got over it.

The girls came and got in bed with me around 7:30, and watched TV for awhile. But first, I had Tink and Poo put on their T-ball uniforms. One thing marked off the to-do list.

I got up about 8:00, and decided to be domestic and make muffins for breakfast. It's amazing how easy it is to wow everyone in the house just by making some muffins. Even BD was excited. I just used a very simple recipe from (sorry my link is ugly), plopped peanut butter on some of them, and strawberry preserves on some others. Big hit.

We were on schedule to leave the house in plenty of time to get to the ball fields, but somehow we left just in the nick of time instead. But I got over it. And we got there five minutes later than scheduled, but ten minutes before the game started.

T-ball is a whole 'nother post. Moving on...

BD got paged just as the last game was over (he's on call this weekend) and so he left the field in his work truck. The girls and I went to the bank, and then to pick up a special lunch treat (Taco Hell/Pizza Hut) and came home.

After lunch, they rested while I typed (insurance transcription). I was so sleepy that I decided to go get in my bed, where Poo and Tink were watching TV. I flipped through the channels and found The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which I LOVE. Wasn't sure whether they would like it or not, but they were enthralled! Alternately crying and cheering, we watched almost the entire movie. BD came in from work and watched the end of it with us.

The girls don't usually watch so much television in one day, but it's been mostly quality programming, and no commercials. Plus, I needed the peace. They're currently in my bed watching The Incredibles after eating hot ham and cheese sandwiches (also in my bed). They took turns taking their showers, I didn't have to yell at anyone, and all is good.

Boring but good.

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