Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Feeling a little nostalgic tonight, partly about old music that is sort of obscure and very hard to find. Country, Christian, and so forth. For example?

Dave and Sugar. Sort of like a country Tony Orlando and Dawn. I saw them once as the opening act for Kenny Rogers. Shut up, yes I went to a Kenny Rogers concert. And enjoyed it. A lot. This is true.

DeGarmo and Key.
Reba Rambo.
Larry Norman.
Steve Taylor.

I have extremely varied taste in music. I like almost every kind of music, except for maybe very current Top 40 and opera, but I haven't been exposed to those very much, either.

You can not just download this stuff. Back in the old Napster days, you could find all this obscure sort of stuff, but these days? Not so much.

Any suggestions?

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