Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Report-A-Thon

I haven't much to report, but in the interest of keeping this here blob current, I present to you some randomness:

I sincerely honor all of our servicemen and -women who have given their lives so that we may live in a free country.

In honor of the holiday eve, Court, Mag and I watched Shrek Forever After yesterday - two and one half times - while Big Daddy took Ab to the Rangers game. Where the Rangers won. Go Team!

I need a new header for my blog DESPERATELY. I'm working up the courage to tackle a tutorial and learn how to make myself a new one.

I am such a sewing sewer lately that it's scaring me. And making me happy. Latest projects include Easter skirts, cute kiddie art kits and hemming all of my girls' cut-offs. Well, not all. There a few still in the To Do Stack, and a few of them we left all fringy. Fringie? I dunno.

My next sewing projects will probably be shirts for Buddy (the Chihuahua we rescued but I haven't blogged about), purses for Court and Mag and maybe some organizing type things for myself.

Cause you know you were totally wondering.

Good movies on the TV this holiday weekend! Better go find me some and hunker back down in bed because it is totally too early to be up on a holiday.

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WendyDarling said...

I have really been in the mood to sew lately. Well, quilt, to be more specific. But, my sewing machine isn't cooperating. For some reason the bobbin isn't turning, so I can't thread it. I know it seriously needs to be cleaned. One of these days I'll get the $50 - $100 and have it fixed. On the other hand, it might be cheaper to just buy a new one.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday. I need to blog again, so badly. ;-)