Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol - April 14

Wow, y'all, there's lots of reality TV to be watched tonight. Just finished Dancing With The Stars, and now it's American Idol.

Tonight's theme is Songs from the Movies, and I do not get how Quentin Tarantino is an appropriate mentor for a SINGING COMPETITION.

But that's just me.

First up is Alison Iraheta and she's singing that song from Armageddon. Never can remember what it's called, but I like it. Her performance? I always love Alison's voice, but there's a slow start and nothing unique here, except for those tomato soup pants.

Big Daddy: I DO NOT like what she's wearing - it's SO UGLY. It looks like her hips are about to Take You OUT!

Yeah, we don't pull any punches over here, do we?

Anoop Dawg - Everything I Do, I Do it For You
I think that's too many words for the title of a song, don't you? Love it, although I would not have signed off on that jacket contraption he's wearing. And he should not have pointed at the camera on his last note. Did people BOO? Because that's just wrong. WRONG. Anoop rocked it.

Adam Lambert - Born To Be Wild
Adam definitely has a great voice, but he sort of gives me the creeps. Great voice. But The Creeps.

Paula said that Adam "dares to dance in the palette of greatness," and "fortune rewards the brave." What the...

Matt Giraud - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
I love Matt, but tonight he was just a'ight.

Danny Gokey - Endless Love
Love the song, Love Danny. I think he was a bit pitchy in the beginning, but then he brought it home.

Kris Allen - Not sure what song this is, and I'm not crazy about it, but he didn't suck.

I'm also shopping online for eyeglasses right now, so forgive me for not being more detailed. Hey, I'm no expert - I just knows what I likes.

Lil Rounds - The Rose
Here's what I think about Lil. She's just so unoriginal. She has a phenomenal voice, but she's doing those tired old runs that everyone does in auditions. PUMPKIN, STOP IT. Great voice, but no maturity to back it up.

Oh, and also? Don't talk back, please. Shut up NOW.

And the clip of Alison singing right afterwards confirms it: Lil has no originality.

And Adam still creeps me out. Sorry, but he does.

So, who should go home this week? LIL. Who was the best? I don't even know. I was underwhelmed.

Catcha later, people.


binks said...

Just stopped by to say hey!
I love your little Idol updates. Missed Idol tonight because the DVR skipped it. WTHeck?
I think Adam is creepy too in his rocker/punk personna. And he has a good voice, but don't understand the gushing they all do over him.

Lil has got to go, she is like a karaoke drag queen without the drag.

My prediction for the final three are Adam, Danny and Alison. (I'm secretly wishing Danny wins)

Jennifer said...

I'm so over Lil! I liked her in the beginning, but Simon said it - that she's just not the artist we all "met" in the beginning! And the talking back to the judges just confirmed it's time for her to go. It doesn't matter that SHE thought it was good - LOTS of people think they sound good, but that doesn't make it so. She did NOT sound good last night and really needs to go. She has not grown at ALL in the past 6 or whatever weeks...and she is not unique. Cool name or not, she needs to go home!!!

I didn't care for Adam in the beginning, and honestly, his style of music isn't my favorte, but I think he's an amazing, original singer. He does something different every week, and as Paula says, stays true to himself. To me, that makes for incredible artistry (can you tell I'm trying to channel all the judges? LOL!) and he's definitely in my top 3! Danny didn't blow me away, but he's still in my top too.
I think the bottom two should be Lil and Matt, with Lil going home. I love Matt, but he hasn't been super consistent. But I'm afraid Kris may be in danger too, as much as I adore him.

Guess I need to boo someone now so I can channel Randy...naah...he just gets on my nerves! The booing Simon at the beginning of every show is beyond annoying and so childish!

Smoochiefrog said...

Paula was channeling her inner fortune cookie last night. It totally showed too.

JenB said...

Adam gives me the creeps too. And i think Paula needs an interpreter. Or subtitles. :)