Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yet more proof that I'm just a little off

Those of you who are still around, checking out my silly little blob, will now be treated to a recap of last night's dream.

So we're in Dollar Tree, right? And it's this big old warehouse of a Dollar Tree. And I keep on finding Post-It products. GOOD ones. Post-It Flags, Post-It notebooks, coral-colored Post-Its of all shapes and get the idea.

Coral is my favorite Post-It color.

Then for some reason I'm up at the register and there's this old guy just GRIPING at the poor checkout girl. And she was just trying to answer him, but she was no match for this grump. Finally I just stepped in and said to him, "She's sorry that {whatever it was} happened to you. It shouldn't have happened. What else do you need, sir?"

And he says, "I wanna know what y'all are gonna do about it."

So I said, "I think we're gonna get all these people checked out."

Aren't I just a problem solver? And also VERY good at sticking my nose in other people's business?

I wonder which was the point of my dream?

And then here's the best part.

I went back to my shopping (while my whole family, including my PARENTS) waited in the car, and I found...

...this is so exciting... ENTIRE Post-It Calendar set.

At the Dollar Tree.


Now I'm just a little sad cause it was only a dream.

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