Monday, September 15, 2008

Hey, We're alive!

So we didn't blow away! Kinda hard to do when the winds are 17 mph and the rain is BORING.

Yeah, Ike decided to veer right so it rained all day Saturday, and folks? That. Was. It. I'll admit I was a bit disappointed, cause I enjoy a good non-devastating storm, but we went on ahead and ate our Ro-Tel dip anyway. I mean, we went to all the trouble of buying it, might as well enjoy it.

The rest of the weekend? Also boring. Not much to report, but I did want to let everyone know that we survived the .24 inches of rain.

I'll be back when I have, OH, ANYTHING to say.

Oh, and Happy Monday!


WendyDarling said...

My sister lives near Dallas as well, and they got NOTHIN'. Here in East Texas, however, we got almost 3 inches, Tropical Storm force winds, and lost power for 5 hours. I am NOT complaining though. People as little as 10 miles from us are STILL without power, and some without water.

So, it was kind of exciting here on Saturday. ;-)

beckyjomama said...

SO GLAD that you are OK. Praise God - still praying for those not so lucky.

Becky Jo

PS - We got more rain than you all the way up here in MI!!