Saturday, August 23, 2008

Miss Crankypants, Live and In Person

Hey, guess what.

I'm oh, so cranky tonight. I fought the cranky most of the day, but now I'm just so crotchety that my jaw is hurting.

What does cranky have to do with my jaw? I don't know, but my jaw hurts, so there.

Here's my cranky list:

I lost my good wireless mouse. The cheap one I got for next to nothing that falls apart occasionally but works like a charm.

I hate my other wireless mouse, a lovely Microsoft junker that flashes and works sporadically. Jerk.

Bear has dadgum fleas that we CAN NOT get rid of. And oh yeah, he's allergic to them so he bites and licks all the DADGUM time. ALL THE TIME. I'm slowly going insane from the sound.

Oh yeah, and my darling Bear has also decided that his favorite place to sleep is on my pillow. Which wouldn't be so bad, cause AW, but he walks back and forth across my hair multiple times PER HOUR. Every night. Good times.

Two of my girls are standing here staring at me, RIGHT NOW. It's their new favorite thing to do. Just stand in my bedroom and watch me. Creeps me out, y'all.

I have to go to an event tomorrow where I will see MANY people that I've known forever, most of whom haven't seen me at my current weight of A GAZILLION. I'm nervous.

I didn't get any $7 kids' jeans at Old Navy today because the first store I tried to go to HAD MOVED, and the second one looked like a circus so we fled. Tried online, but OUT OF STOCK. Wah.

I want some chocolate. Specifically, Good Chocolate. Anything from Hershey's on up. The leftover Easter chocolate just won't do. Those ChocoMallows in the kitchen are calling my name, though. That's not gonna help those Gazillion Pounds, yo.

I think I'm gonna have a yummy Advocare Snack Bar and call it a night, y'all.

Tomorrow's gotta be better.


beckyjomama said...

One day at a time my friend, one day at a time ...

But when the days go like yours, I know it is hard to see past it. I am praying for ya!!!!! Oh, and just be your lovely self and nobody will notice anything but that!!!!! (trust me, we are the only ones who notice the "gazillion" Xtra pouds on ourselves. Hmmm, maybe a lesson i should listen to myself!!!"

You are fearfully and wonderfully made!!!!!

Becky Jo

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

I think we need to start some kind of sisterhood of the cranky pants! :)

I hope you have fun at your event and once you show up you don't feel self-conscious at all.

Good luck with the fleas--have you tried a good sudsing in lavender soap? Apparently fleas don't like it. Also (you probably already know this, but just in case) make sure you are changing out your vacuum bag or dumping out the canister each time you use it, otherwise the fleas breed inside and are able to crawl out to re-infest the house.

binks said...

I have TMJ and when I am cranky, I tend to clench my teeth A LOT. It tends to make my teeth and jaw ache, so maybe you clench and don't really relize it.

@Amy - ewww that vacuum/flea thing totally creeped my out.
- Lisa

Tara said...

Can I come to your pity party? I've had four kids sick for 8 days now. The oldest two started the, um, vomiting in my van on the way to the fast care clinic 30 minutes from home. And they haven't stopped. Just as soon as we thought one was well he started with fever again. Its just shuffling through the deck of kids. Mama needs a break y'all!

Jennifer said...

I like Amy's idea - sisterhood of the crankypants. I have been on edge myself lately, and it makes me yell at my kids too much which makes me unhappy. Not that it has anything to do with the 14 year old acting like he's 3 and aggravating the 3 year old, or the 3 year old's CONSTANT screaming at him for aggravating her. Or for her own aggravating. never ends!
I need some chocolate too! And yeah...the GOOD stuff!

Has school started back? Are you doing any homeschooling this year?

By the way...I tagged you!