Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wow, I've been a slacker.

Yeah, so I didn't post all week, huh? Let's see if I can give you the highlights reel; here are some things that made me happy this week.

Have I mentioned that my cousin's family is moving to the area VERY soon? Yeah, I'm excited. I feel sorry for them, moving from wonderful New Braunfels in the Texas Hill Country, to busy, hectic Dallas. But hey, it works for me so I'm sure they'll get over it! They have two girls and we're looking forward to having family to hang with.

On Wednesday I got up at 7:00a with Big Daddy, and then when he left for work, I went back to sleep until 11:30. While my kids ate cereal and watched Regis and Kelly. Mother of the year, that's me!

Tuesday night we didn't turn on the TV. Instead, we played every song on our MP3 players and watched the girls dance. Oh, and we sang badly. We're talking Disco, Rock, Country, and Christian. Then we talked for 24 hours about how fun it was. Cause it was.

And the highlight of the week, my peeps? Our very good friends adopted their little girl yesterday morning.

T and K were licensed as foster parents at the end of 2006, and on February 5, 2007, Baby Girl came into their family at 3 days old. I met this precious angel for the first time when she was 5 days old, and it was love at first sight! And now after 17 months, some of it uncertain but all of it wonderful, she is legally their daughter.

I don't post about adoption as often as I'd like because I'm guilty of wanting everything I say about it to be profound and moving. But today I'll just put it very bluntly.

Baby Girl was very lucky to get placed with a loving family at birth. My girls were in a shelter. That's like an orphanage, people. It's 24-hour daycare and you never get picked up. When I get stressed or annoyed I think about them there, going to sleep in a dorm room, not knowing what the next day would bring. And I thank God for letting us find each other.

Foster adoption rocks, y'all. Don't forget that there are humpteen grillions of children HERE in our United States who need forever families.

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beckyjomama said...

Yep, We got our Hattie through the Foster system and our Sophie through a private adoption. Hattie came with some issues that we are still working through, but I would not trade one single moment or one thing about who she is. Good Golly I love these girls!