Monday, July 07, 2008

It's a wonder I get anything done.

11:45 Place Advocare order

11:55 Oh, hey, I need to balance the checkbook and transfer some funds so that order will actually go through as opposed to bouncing all over Texas.

12:00 You know what? I'd better text my Advocare guy and make sure he understood my rattled ramblings.

12:01 OOH look, Redneck Diva just Twittered! What's she up to?

12:02 Wander around Twitter for awhile

12:08 Okay, okay, back to the checkbook

12:10 WOW, I need to go to the bathroom.

12:11 "Tinkerbell! Come get your shoes out of my bathroom!"

12:13 "SHUT THE DOOR!"

12:15 Out of the bathroom. "Hey, Big Daddy, I think I'm gonna eat your Oreos. By the way, where's your blood sugar food list from the doctor?"

12:16 Read Lifestyle Changes to decrease Cholesterol/Triglycerides and wonder what the chances are that we'll actually follow it.

12:20 Doorbell rings

12:21 Big Daddy brings in a package. "What did you buy now?"

12:22 I open up my package from It's a mini-SD card for my phone and two tiny little Bluetooth headsets. One for me and one for BD. Yes, I already had one, but the new one is so tiny and cute!

12:23 OOH, let's check out these Bluetooths! (Blueteeth?)

12:23 Resist urge to open mini-SD card and put it in my phone, so I can finally put MP3s on there.

Are extra points awarded for resisting urges? Cause I think I should get points for not opening the SD card yet.

12:30 Have I checked Scooter's temp lately? I'd better do that. Right now, of course. (Scooter was running a fever yesterday and is still puny.)

12:37 Hey, I think I'll post about how dysfunctional I am.

Not finished:

Balancing the checkbook
Transferring funds

All over my bed:

Bluetooth debris
Remote Control
Two kids
One dog

Now what was I supposed to be doing?


Anonymous said...

hehehe, sounds like my life. I feel like i must have add.

Jennifer said...

Hey - remember the seperated at birth conversations? I think you've just confirmed it as truth. I swear you could be my sister! I'm convinced I have ADD - so I just laugh it off and blame it on that!

Jerri said...

sounds like me, with internet & tv and stuff going on around me, it is so easy to get side tracked.