Monday, June 09, 2008

Indulge Yourself?

We're sittin' here folding clothes, and Scooter hands me a new pair of socks that belong to Big Daddy. Man, they're soft.

I was reminded of a comment BD made to me a few weeks ago when he was putting on a new pair of socks.

"Man, I just love how new socks feel, all soft and newish. If we ever win the lottery, I'm just gonna buy a new package of socks every week, wear 'em once and then throw 'em away."

So I started thinking about it - if we won the lottery, what completely indulgent thing would I do? I'm not talking about the big stuff like tithe, new houses, giving to family, trips and cars. Cause I'm gonna do that, y'all. Let me just give you a run-down, 'kay?

Tithe to my church. Boy oh boy, won't that be great?
New houses for us and our parents. Not too extravagant, but whatever we want.
Helping out some family members who might need a hand up.
Scholarships for the academy associated with our church.
Trips, trips and more trips. At least a week in Las Vegas, and two weeks in Alaska.
New cars for us and our parents. Again, nothing ridiculous.
Private concert by George Strait.

See? I'm completely practical.

But let's get back to the point. I'm sure I had a point. Silly indulgences for me? What about a pair of glasses to match every outfit? Or comfy flip flips in every color under the sun. OOH, or a professional blow-out every other day.

What about you? If money were no object, what would be your silly but wonderful indulgence(s)?


Milehimama said...

I'd get my very own indoor swimming pool. We love the water, but MAN do I fry! I don't "tan", I "PINK"! LOL.

And it would have a water slide for the kids.

Cricky (Who Is More Than Just A Girl) said...

I'd have a Coach purse for every outfit.

My husband and I play the what if game all the time with the lottery.

Jennifer said...

Your practical list looks like mine...well, except maybe for the concert.
I think my indulgence would be (after I buy my new house) a full-time maid! I would never have to clean house again!

And then I'd have all the clothes and shoes I want, and for my kids too. And after that, I'd buy all the stamps and scrapping supplies my heart desires to fill my new huge studio!

However, that indoor pool sounds pretty cool too (but I'd have an outdoor one as well.) And the water slide - a really cool one, sounds awesome. Of course I'd live on tons of land and we'd have all sorts of recreational vehicles. And horses and goats and cows and pigs and, well, you get the picture.

And I'd throw huge parties all the time and have everything I needed to entertain.

Yeah, I haven't given this much thought, as you can see. And I don't really want much at all! LOL!

Quirky said...

A maid.
And a cook.
And a full time on-call masseuse.

Because apparently I'm incredibly lazy and have tense neck muscles.

beckyjomama said...

OK, first off, let me just say that if you get the private George Strait concert, I am sooooooooooo inviting myself on over!

Secondly, I would have somebody(s) on hand for pedicures and haircuts/colors/style at a moments notice!
How much would THAT rock?!?!?
Plus, I would be ready for the concert... it's a win/win!!

WendyDarling said...

I have thought of my "practical" list SO MANY times. I may actually blog about that sometime. ;-)

However, my indulgence would have to be brand new, state of the art kitchen. ;-)

And, I want an ICEE and a Milky Way EVERYDAY. ;-)

Candace & Anna said...

I love Dream Lists lol.

I would have a new book ready and waiting whenever I was ready.

I would have tons of music. In whatever format I could get my hands on.

I would have a wrap around porch on the new house. Actually next time I am downtown I will take a picture of my dream home lol. Although I would want it on a huge property with the indoor and outdoor pool lol.

This one is silly but I would want matching bra and panty sets lol. I don't know why but I have always love the matchy sets. Sadly, I have never owned one lol.

Summer said...

My silly indulgence would probably be a different pair of glasses to match every outfit. Since I wear my glasses instead of contacts most of the time. And I like stylish glasses.