Sunday, May 25, 2008

Like I Know What I'm Doing.

Yeah, so I changed the colors and patterns on my blog all by my little self.

Problem is, I'm never completely satisfied, so it may be a little different every time you visit.

You know what that means, don't you? You've got to come back over and over and over again to check and see what I've changed.

And leave a comment while you're at it.


D said...

HI Lori!
Thanks for visiting my "place". and for the encouragement! I like your place too!

beckyjomama said...

Lookin' good!!!!

Jennifer said...

I really like that pattern (and the colors) - I need to figure out how to do that. I've done pretty much everything else, so you'd think I'd be able to figure it out, but I haven't tried yet. I was quite proud of myself the other day - my headings in my sidebars were bugging me because they were aligned to the left, and I wanted them centered. And I figured it out so quickly, I even surprised myself!

I like the change - it works well with your header. And of course you know I'll keep coming back!

WendyDarling said...

I really like that shade of blue. ;-) Great job!

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Ooh, pretty! I love the orange flowers on the blue.

And, quite frankly, I think most of us who blog are making it up as we go along! :)