Thursday, May 22, 2008

I may shoot a roofer.

Hey, good morning everyone.

There are roofers all over the top of my house, and I may be cranky. Why, you ask? You know I'll tell ya.

I do not like the supervisor of the roofing people. He's overly friendly and a little creepy. Talks to me about things other than roofing. Obnoxious.

I don't know how Scooter(5) and Toddler That I Babysit will take a nap with all the banging going on. No naps = grumpy.

I'm anxious about the color of the roofing material. We had it narrowed down to three choices, and then Big Daddy called the roofers and told them SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. When I tried to do damage control, it was too late to order my choice, so they improvised. I don't like the way it looks in my driveway; hopefully it will look different on the roof.

I suspect that it will look just like all the other houses on the street, and that I'm stressing for no reason.

I've been known to do that.

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Shelle said...

lol! So funny! Well we built a house in a new subdivision a few years back and we were one of the frist houses done...When we moved in I realized the problem with that...My back yard was the job site of 30 some odd construction say the least my little boy finally figured out how to sleep through all the banging and loud noise!

It can happen! Or just shoot the roofer...the creepy one!