Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just another not-so-Manic Monday

Yesterday was Big Daddy's day off, and as usual, We Had Big Plans. That's usually how it goes on Mondays in the Dirty Laundry household, but the day often ends with And We Didn't Do Any Of It.

It's Spring Break, so I had no girls to get ready for school, which means I Was In Heaven. (Still am today, by the way.)

Big Daddy cracks me up on his days off, because he is Very Intense With The Plans, and then when 8:00 a.m. on Monday rolls around, his Plans are smothered with snores.

I had a few errands I wanted to get done yesterday, and I did not want to do it with 3 girls showing me Everything They See. Seriously, y'all, these lovely kids of mine are Thrilled To Death with everything they see, and they want me to see All Of It.

What's with all the Capitalization?

Anyway. Managing these girls of mine is like a chess game sometimes.

The Situation: Big Daddy is asleep and will be annoyed if he is woken up.

Scooter and Tinkerbell together will almost definitely get too loud and wake him up.
Pooh and Tink together will get into things they absolutely shouldn't be into.
Can't take Scooter with me because she will drive me absolutely insane with the pointing and the touching and the hugging. Yes, hugging is wonderful until you're shopping and have to stop to give one every 27 seconds. Then? Not so wonderful.
Prefer not to take Pooh with me because then I'll have to say No 158 times, because she has very good reasons why we should buy almost everything in the store.

Tink goes with me.
Pooh stays home and plays Gameboy.
Scooter is in her room with Noggin and every stuffed animal in the house.

Added Feature of Brilliance: I bend the rules and let Tink bring the other Gameboy in the car, since we're gonna be in there a lot. This gives her something to do other than ask me 452 questions. My limit is usually 343.

And the mission was successful.

Tink needs new glasses, so we went straight to the eyeglasses place and ordered the most adorable Disney Princess glasses you ever saw. She has a real complex about wearing glasses, so we try to make it as special as we can. These frames have a little charm dangling off the earpiece. Adorable.

We next went to the Credit Union, where we noticed my Dad's truck in the parking lot. Tink snuck up on him in the lobby - what fun! Seriously, I'm easily amused.

What followed were boring stops at Staples and Target, then on to Taco Bueno to procure my girls' favorite lunch - tacos and burritos.

Do you know that, even though I talked to BD on the phone a couple of times during my outing, he was back asleep when I got home? He needs the rest and definitely deserves it, but let's not overdo it, 'kay?


Even though none of our original plans were even CONSIDERED yesterday, it was a great day, and I accomplished great big bunches of boring junk.

Which delights me to no end.

Thanks for sticking with it through this rambling post. You rock.

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Jennifer said...

Sometimes the best laid plans....well, work out better if the plans get changed! I hope you are enjoying the week!