Monday, March 17, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - The New Season!

It's time for another season of Dancing With The Stars, y'all, and this time I'm gonna try to stick it out through the entire season. Last time I sort of lost interest but hopefully that won't be the case this time.

Penn Gillette's up first with Kim somebody and the first thing I've gotta say is that he's better looking than I realized. I'm not saying he's hot, but I guess I always saw him as a big ol' geek, and in his rehearsal clothes he looks like a real fun guy.

On to the dancing. Y'all, I don't know if it's possible for a guy that big to be good technically, but he just looks so fun out there! I am lovin' it. I would love to see him in some more flattering clothes, though. The judges think he's entertaining but needs to work on his footwork.

Also Penn? Please stop with the wisecracks or I'll take back all the nice things I said about ya. Thanks.

Score? Oh my goodness, just a 16.

Jason Taylor and Edita doing the Fox Trot. Aw, he's good! His feet may not be light enough, but y'all, I really love to watch the men on this show, since ballroom dance is probably the last thing they ever thought they'd be doing!

Len think he did a great job, but maybe needs to put more acting into it. Carrie Ann thinks his hands were great, and Bruno thinks he was graceful but needs more heat.

The judges' score: 22!

Christian de la Fuente is a big old Hot Tamale. He's dancing with Cheryl Burke, who's won 2 DWTS championships, and they're doing the Cha Cha Cha.

I didn't know until I saw this show that it was the Cha Cha Cha. I always thought there were just two Cha's.

DISCLAIMER: I believe my judgement may be clouded, which is the reason why I have no idea what the judges said. Look! At his pretty smile!

But the score? Oh, it's a 21!

Now we're on to Adam Corolla and Julianne Hough doing the Fox Trot. Wow, Adam has aged a bit, hasn't he? Oh my, and Julianne is only 19? How old was she the first time she won, for goodness sakes? Oh, I love this dance. Adam's good, people!

The judges think he's got good footwork, but lots of work to do.

The score? 15. Now friends, that's just sad, because I think he was definitely better than Penn!

R & B Star Mario and Karina Smirnoff. Let me just say I never heard of this kid but hopefully he can dance. I love this pale aqua color they're wearing! He's moving his hips good, I think, and his feet look good too, to this unsophisticated Texas girl.

The judges mostly agreed with me, and the score? WOW...a 24!

I like Steve Guttenberg, y'all, and I hope he's a good dancer. Hmmm...not so much. I even saw him counting one time. He's cute, though.

Let's find out what the judges have to say. Bruno wants to see more drive, Carrie Ann thinks he's adorable, and Len thinks he looks like he's enjoying himself, but needs to work on technique. Yay, I'm glad they didn't tear him up!

Steve and Anna's Score: 18.

That's it for tonight, folks; the girls are tomorrow night and I think they're gonna be the ones to beat!

Top guy for me tonight was Christian, and not just because he made me drool. I think Penn may be on the bottom of my list, although I really liked ALL the guys. Who's your favorite, and who do you think will go home?

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Jennifer said...

I enjoyed the guys better than I expected to. I absolutely can't stand Penn, and I really hope he's the first to go. I think I was most impressed with the Mario guy, and I just realized this is the second Mario Karina has danced with. I know she had to be thrilled to start the first show with a higher score for a change!