Monday, March 03, 2008

Good Morning Monday

Big Daddy is off work most Mondays and we had big plans for today, my friends.

Take 2 girls to school.

Go to the YMCA and work out. For the first time. Since we began our membership 30 days ago.

Go to Tom Thumb.

Pick up Scooter from school.

Eat lunch at Mama's Pizza. Because Big Daddy loves Mama's Pizza and I declined to eat Mama's Pizza last Thursday night. So I owe him one.

Go to Wal-Mart, Kroger and maybe Target.

Pick up Tinkerbell from school.

Come home and relax.


This morning I got an e-mail from the fine folks at DHL that said, and I quote,
"March 3 2008 7:18 AM - With delivery courier - Neighboring Town, United States Of America."

People. It's my laptop. And it's Spring Green.

If y'all think I'm going 5 feet from this house before that DHL man comes, you're out of your ever lovin' mind.

I'll keep you posted.

P.S. Big Daddy does not resent having to spend the day lolling around in bed watching TV. At all.


Redneck Diva said...

AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! So do you have it yet? Huh? Huh? Do you need to call me so we can sit on our respective couches and hold our respective laptops in our respective laps and tell each other just how blessed we really are? Because, friend, that is the kind of friendship we have and if respective laptop bragging is what we need to respectively do, I am ALL UP IN THAT.

Girls weekend....SOON!

BaileyAKA said...
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Karen said...

LOL! Very funny... that would totally be me! I would be glued to my house!