Friday, February 29, 2008

Advice Forum Friday - Tea Sandwiches

Good morning, people. How's your Friday so far? I'm sleepy.

Tomorrow I'm going to a Ladies' Tea at church and I'm nervous, y'all. I have this teeny tiny anxiety issue and I have never been to a Ladies' Tea, so I'm anxious. Oh, and p.s., I signed up to bring sandwiches. I thought it was a great idea at the time, but now I'm obsessing about it. What if they laugh at my sandwiches? What if they're soggy or ordinary or stink?

Yeah, I'm a mess.

When I signed up, I thought "I'll make my wonderful chicken salad and bring some lovely chicken salad sandwiches!" Except. My chicken salad is pretty chunky and I've never actually put it on bread, so I'm not so sure any more. I usually just eat it with crackers or straight. I could dice everything finer so it's not so chunky, but I don't know.

So you see where I'm going with this, right? I want your ideas. What's your very best tea or finger sandwich? Does it have cream cheese, mayo, what? What kind of meat and/or cheese, if any? They need to be on square bread so I can trim the crust and cut into quarters, but other than that it's wide open.

So inspire me. Please.

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Candace & Anna said...

If you could find some yummy ones you could do tomatoe sandwiches. You know a little mayo, sliced tomatoe and a little season salt and pepper. Of course it might be to early for that just yet so how about a chicken salad ring? Here is what you do you make the chicken salad get cressent(sp?) rolls roll them out with the pointy end all on the outside of ring. Then put chicken salad around and roll the rolls ha ha. Oh wait you can add some cheese to the top and a tomato and then roll and cook until the roll is done. I haven't tried it but it sounds yummy. Then you can make slices and have some lettuce and tomato in the center of the dish to make it look pretty or grapes and orange slices or whatever.

Karen said...

I'm sure anything you make will be great! I don't know about your Ladies' Tea but at our church we've even been known to have PB. & J. for the young folks.

Seriously, anything looks better with the crusts trimmed off and cut in four squares.

What about egg salad? It's "ladylike" and dainty but still filling.

Tara said...

The bestest ones I've ever had are a cucumber sandwich. Slice some cucumber really thin (I use my pampered chef cheese knife). Spread some ranch cream cheese on bread, smack the cukes on, trim the crust to your heart's content and call it a day! Nummers!

Our MOPS group does a Spring Tea and we even make a simple tuna salad on wheat. Just as good as the fancy schmancy places!

WendyDarling said...

I am probably too late with this, but I'll go ahead and throw this in for next time. :-)

Cream/Pimento Cheese on Pumpernickle.

8 oz of cream cheese
1 small jar of pimentos

Mix it up really good. Make sure the cream cheese is at a temp. that is spreadable.

Get those little squares of pumpernickle, or other dark brown bread. Spread some on one slice, make the sandwich and cut cross wise. Very cute and yummy. :-)

Crafty Mama said...

Mix cream cheese, crumbled bacon, and a teenie bit of horseradish together, spread it on pumpernickle, and you're good to go!